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Accu-Chek Glucometer Performa: review, user manual, price, reviews

Accu-Chek Glucometer Performa is manufactured by the famous German company Roche. The high accuracy of the results is confirmed by the international standard ISO 15197: 2013. The electrochemical method of measurement allows the control of glucose at the illumination of any intensity, in contrast to the photometric method. The device has a small compact size and does not need to be encoded. The device has an unlimited warranty on which, in the event of a breakdown, you can get a new one absolutely free.

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  • 5 Instructions for use
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  • 7 Comparison with Accu-Chek Performance Nano
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The meter has a compact size - 94 x 52 x 21 mm, and easily fits in the palm. It is almost not felt in the hand, because it is practically weightless - only 59 g, and this is taking into account the battery. To perform measurements, the device requires only one drop of blood and 5 seconds before it displays the result on the display. The measurement method is electrochemical, it allows not to apply coding.

Other characteristics:

  • the result is indicated in mmol / l, the range of values ​​is 0.6 - 33.3;
  • the memory capacity is 500 measurements, the date and the exact time are indicated;
  • calculation of average values ​​for 1 and 2 weeks is possible; month and 3 months;
  • there is an alarm clock that can be customized to your requirements;
  • it is possible to mark the results that were made before and after meals;
  • the meter itself informs about hypoglycemia;
  • meets the accuracy criteria of ISO 15197: 2013;
  • measurements remain extremely accurate, if you use the device in the temperature range from +8 ° C to +44 ° C, outside these limits, the results may be false;
  • the menu consists of intuitive symbols;
  • can be safely stored at temperatures from -25 ° C to +70 ° C;
  • Warranty has no time limit.

Accu-Chek Glucometer Complete Set

When buying a meter Accu-check Performa, you do not have to worry about having to buy something else right away - everything you need is included in the starting packaging.

The box must contain:

  1. The device itself (battery installed immediately).
  2. Test strips of the Form in the amount of 10 pcs.
  3. Handle-piercer Softkliks.
  4. Needles for her - 10 pcs.
  5. Protective case.
  6. Instructions for use.
  7. Warranty card.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the world there are many glucometers, all have their positive and negative sides. Some people who were diagnosed with diabetes for the first time are chosen according to the principle “cheap does not mean bad.” But you cannot save on your health. To figure out which particular device will fit all the individual requirements of a particular person, you need to carefully read the characteristics of each and identify the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of the Accu-Chek Glucometer meter:

  • does not require coding;
  • one small drop of blood is enough to measure;
  • the measurement time itself does not exceed 5 seconds;
  • a large display that allows you to comfortably use the meter even to people with poor eyesight;
  • large amount of memory with the ability to calculate average values;
  • there is an alarm clock, reminiscent of the next dimension;
  • the device is configured to report hypoglycemia;
  • symbol menu;
  • Unlimited warranty and the ability to replace the device with a new one for free


  • cost of test strips;
  • Cannot transfer data to PC via USB.

Accu-Chek Performa Test Strips

In order to get the right strips, we must remember that Accu-Chek produces several types of them: Active and Performing. There is also a cartridge cartridge Mobile, but even by its appearance it can be understood that the device will not work.

Only test strips are suitable for this device. They are produced in 50 and 100 pieces per pack. The shelf life of the test strips is not reduced when the tube is opened.

Instructions for use

Before first use, you should carefully read the instructions, if necessary, watch the video online and make sure that you have at hand all the necessary devices and their shelf life is in order.

  1. First you need to wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly - the test strips do not tolerate wet hands. Note: it is better to use warm water, cold fingers feel pain more sharply.
  2. Prepare a disposable lancet, insert it into the device for piercing, remove the protective cap, select the depth of the puncture and coax the handle with the button. If everything is done correctly, a yellow peephole should light up on the body.
  3. To take a new test strip out of the tube with dry hands, insert the gold end into the meter with the gold end. It turns on automatically.
  4. Choose a finger to puncture (better side surfaces of the pads), firmly press the piercing handle, press the button.
  5. You should wait a bit until a drop of blood is collected. If it is not enough, you can massage a little place near the puncture.
  6. Bring the meter with the test strip, lightly touch the blood with its tip.
  7. While the device is processing information, hold a piece of cotton with alcohol to the puncture.
  8. After 5 seconds, Accu-Chek Performa will give the result, you can make a mark "before" or "after" the food. If the value is too low, the device will alert you about hypoglycemia.
  9. Throw out the used test strip and needle from the piercer. Do not reuse them!
  10. After removing the test strip from the device, it will automatically turn off.
To remove the needle from the device for piercing, remove the protective cap and pull the central part - it will easily slide forward and the lancet will fall out.

Video instruction:

Price meter and consumables

Set price - 820 rubles. It includes a blood glucose meter, a puncturer, lancets and test strips. The individual cost of consumables is shown in the table:

TitlePrice of test stripsThe cost of Lancets Softkliks, rub
Glucometer Accu-check Performa50 pieces - 1100;

100 pieces - 1900.

25 pieces - 130;

200 pieces - 750.

If the pen-piercer is lost or has become unusable, it can be purchased separately. The price for it is 520 rubles.

Comparison with Accu-Chek Performance Nano


Accu-Chek Performa

Accu-Chek Performa Nano

Price glucometer, rub820900
DisplayNormal without backlightHigh contrast black screen with white characters and backlight
Method of measurementElectrochemicalElectrochemical
Measurement time5 sec5 sec
CodingNot requiredRequired at first use. A black chip is inserted and is no longer pulled out.

Diabetic reviews

Igor, 35 years: Used by blood glucose meters from different manufacturers, Accu-Chek Perform has liked the most so far. Coding does not ask, test strips and lancets can always be bought at the nearest pharmacy without any problems, the measurement speed is high. The truth has not yet verified the accuracy with laboratory indicators, I hope that there are no large deviations.

Inna, 66 years old: Previously, in order to measure sugar, I always asked for help from relatives or neighbors - I do not see it well, and I never understood how to use a glucometer. The grandson bought Akku-check Performa, now I manage it myself. All the icons are clear, I see the numbers on the screen, there is even an alarm clock, so that I do not miss the measurement. And no chips are needed, I was always confused.

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