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Medicine doctor in the treatment of diabetes

Insect treatment from time immemorial was practiced by healers of ancient Egypt, China and the Mayan civilization. Today, their healing properties are still used in traditional medicine in Asia, East, South America, Africa and India.

Here are just a few examples of such therapy:

  • Maya Indians Heal Ailments fly maggots.
  • The ancient Slavs believed that it was possible to cope with jaundice by swallowing the breadcrumbs with live louseinside.
  • Chinese healers still heal many ailments with the help of silkworm.
  • From ancient times to today, medicine has used bee and ant poison.
  • Some modern hospitals use accelerated wound healing. larvae of padal fliesspecially grown in sterile laboratories.
  • Currently, British scientists are developing a new generation of antibiotics, the active substance of which was obtained from the brain cockroaches. The activity of the selected cells is so high that it allows you to fight even with Staphylococcus aureus.

There are many such examples, and more recently the world has learned about another insect capable (as claimed by numerous supporters of its use) to heal many terrible ailments.

This insect is a tiny darkling beetle, for its unique properties called the healer.

Medicine beetle: who is he?

  • The medicine beetle belongs to the order of beetles, the dark beetle family, the palembus genus.
  • The body length of an adult insect does not exceed five millimeters, and the width is one and a half millimeters. The body is oblong, flattened, the elytra is covered with longitudinal grooves, the abdomen has several segments. The bulging eyes are located on the sides of the head at the base of the short antennae, the jaws are strong. Juveniles are light brown in color; mature beetles darken and become almost black.
  • The life cycle of a beetle (from the stage of eggs to the development of a mature individual) takes about seven weeks. In good conditions, beetles can live from one to two years. The conditions of detention are unpretentious, they can be diluted in a glass jar or in a plastic container. The bottom of the tank is filled with flour, wheat bran or oatmeal. They feed beetles with pieces of black bread, skins of apples, cucumbers, mangoes and bananas. They do not need water: they have enough liquid contained in the trimming of fruit.
  • For the rapid reproduction of dark-browed beetles, a family of at least three hundred adults is necessary. In addition to the use for medicinal purposes, beetles are bred as food for reptiles and poultry.
  • Darkling cranes appeared several million years ago, their healing properties were used by the ancient Aztecs, although until recently they were considered only pests of agricultural products and crops.
  • The medicine beetle dwells everywhere (most often in deserts and steppes), although it is considered to be Argentine. On the Internet there is information that opened it an obscure German soldier. From Germany he was transported to Paraguay, and then to Argentina. Nobody checked the reliability of this information.
  • The darkling larvae inhabit the earth, feed on the roots and leaves of plants. Sometimes they can be found in rotten wood and even in mushrooms. Some species of these beetles thrive in chests with grain, flour, and dried fruit, causing significant damage to food producers. Certain types of dark-browned strongly damage the seeds and their seedlings.

Healing properties of medicine beetle

The world learned about the healing properties of dark-brow beetles thanks to Argentine farmer Arnoldo Rosler, who managed to cure skin cancer with their help, and his neighbor Ruben Dieminger, who created a special site, helped spread and systematize information about their phenomenal abilities.
The site of Diemöringer is still very popular among the residents of nearly two dozen countries to this day. It has united people who use the healing properties of the medicine beetle to treat the following diseases:
  • Diabetes mellitus. Patients who regularly consume beetles indicate a significant decrease in the level of glucose in their blood.
  • Hepatitis A.
  • Stomach ulcers. The work of this body becomes more stable. Many patients get rid of heartburn that tormented them.
  • Pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
  • Respiratory.
  • Parkinson's disease.
  • Cancer tumors. Cancer patients who use healers in exact accordance with the scheme, almost cease to feel pain characteristic of this category of diseases, and also experience an improvement in general condition after chemotherapy procedures.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Helminthiasis.
The first signs of the positive effects of these insects are observed two weeks after the start of their use.
The statistics of miraculous healings posted on the Dieminger website testifies to the success of the use of dark beetle beetles in the treatment of virtually all internal organs and systems of the human body.

What is the secret of this impact? Since there has been no serious research on the amazing beetles, it is assumed that:

  • Live bugs when released into the human gastrointestinal tract begin to secrete some biologically active substances that activate human immunity, so that the whole body is involved in the fight against the disease.
  • The chitinous shell of the insect saturates the patient's body with a useful substance - chitosanwith a number of useful properties. Chitosan can stop bleeding, helps to reduce body weight (due to the ability to bind molecules of fatty acids), prevents the growth of painful microflora.
  • Pheromones secreted by female healer beetles can have a rejuvenating effect on the human body.
We offer you a video of the popular in Latin America talk show "Caso Cerrado", in which a vivid example of the miraculous impact of the darkling beetle. A woman named Martha was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, and the doctors delivered a sentence: treatment does not help. In a hopeless situation, Martha decided to try a course, drink drunken beetles. About what happened next, look in the form of a darkling beetle.

Rules and methods of receiving beetles

  • Reception of beetles does not interfere with treatment with traditional medicines.
  • Starting treatment with beetles, you should bring it to the end.
  • Beetles are swallowed alive, because only in this case they are able to release beneficial substances.
  • Beetles can be eaten by gently placing them inside the pouches of soft white bread.
  • Having poured a small amount of kefir or yoghurt into a glass, add bugs to it and empty the container in one sip. The acidic environment temporarily immobilizes the bugs, facilitating the process of their reception.
  • You can use empty gelatin capsules for drugs by placing the bugs inside. Each capsule can accommodate a dozen insects.
  • Beetles are taken on an empty stomach in the morning (preferably the same), after drinking 100 ml of pure water. After that, the beetles are swallowed, choosing any method.

Admission scheme

There are three patterns of eating beetles:

For prevention.
Twenty patients with low weight will need 20 bugs. Thirty years old, weighing less than 70 kg, it is necessary 25 insects. Older people are assigned a course of 30 bugs. Reception begins with a single beetle, daily adding one insect. Having brought their number to the set maximum, they begin to reduce the dose in the reverse order, stopping at one beetle. After completing the course, make a monthly break.
For the treatment of diseases in the initial stage
need a course of 40-60 insects. They take them all in the same arithmetic progression: daily adding, and then reducing the number of bugs. After a two-week break, the course is repeated.
For the treatment of serious diseases
(psoriasis, diabetes, cancer) prescribe the maximum number of beetles - 70 pieces. After completing the treatment, rest for two weeks, then resume the course. If it is possible to fully recover from the disease, it is recommended that prophylactic courses of such therapy be applied for life.
Since the treatment with beetles has never been subjected to scientific research, no contraindications to it have been identified.

Traditional medicine considers the treatment of beetles by the charlatan method, which can cause harm to human health. Positive statistics of healing, from the point of view of modern doctors - this is just placebo effectwhich is sometimes able to trigger defense mechanisms.

If the patient nevertheless decided to be treated with beetles, he should understand that such therapy cannot replace the main treatment. It is used only as an additional therapeutic measure.

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