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Accu Chek Combo insulin pump: price and reviews of doctors and diabetics

In modern times, many devices have been developed to make diabetics easier, one of which is an insulin pump. At the moment, such devices are offered by six manufacturers, among which the company Roche / Accu-Chek is in the lead.

Accu Chek Combo insulin pumps are widely popular among people diagnosed with diabetes. You can buy them and consumables on the territory of any region of the Russian Federation. When buying an insulin pump manufacturer provides additional service and warranty.

The Accu-Chek Combo is comfortable to use, effectively delivering basal insulin and an active bolus. Additionally, the insulin pump has a blood glucose meter and a remote control that works with the Bluetooth protocol.

Device Description Accu Chek Combo

The device kit consists of:

  • Insulin pump;
  • The control panel with a meter Accu-Chek Performa Combo;
  • Three plastic cartridges for insulin volume 3.15 ml;
  • Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Dispenser;
  • Black Alcantara case, white neoprene case, white belt for carrying the device at the waist, case for the control panel
  • Russian-language instruction and warranty card.

Also included is a service kit Akku Chek Spirit, consisting of a power adapter, four AA 1.5 V batteries, one cover and a key for installing the battery. Attached to the infusion set is a 8mm FlexLink catheter per 80cm, a piercing pen and consumables.

The device has a pump and meter that can communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology. Through teamwork, diabetics are offered simple, fast, and timeless insulin therapy.

The Accu Chek Combo insulin pump is sold in specialized stores, the price per set is 97-99 thousand rubles.

Main characteristics

Insulin pump has the main characteristics:

  1. Providing insulin occurs throughout the day without interruption, based on the daily human needs.
  2. For one hour, the device allows you to seamlessly enter insulin at least 20 times, simulating the natural hormone supply by the body.
  3. The patient has the opportunity to choose one of five pre-programmed dosage profiles, focusing on their own rhythm and lifestyle.
  4. To compensate for food intake, exercise, any disease, and other events, there are four bolus options.
  5. Depending on the degree of preparation of the diabetic, a choice of three custom menu options is offered.
  6. You can monitor your blood sugar levels and receive information from the meter remotely.

During the measurement of glucose in the blood using the remote with a glucometer, test strips of Accu Chek Form 50 and attached consumables are used. Get the results of blood sugar testing can be within five seconds. Additionally, the console can remotely control the work of the insulin pump.

After displaying information about the results of blood tests, the blood glucose meter provides an information report. For a bolus patient can get tips and advice.

The device also has a reminder function for the pump therapy task using informational messages.

Benefits of using your Accu Chek Combo insulin pump

Thanks to the device, the diabetic can freely eat and not comply with the meal times. This feature is especially useful for children, as they cannot always withstand the strict regimen and diabetic diet. With the help of various modes of insulin delivery, you can choose the most suitable option for school, sports activities, hot temperatures, visiting festive and other events.

The insulin pump is able to maintain and administer a microdose, very accurately calculates the basal and bolus mode. Thanks to this, the condition of a diabetic is easily compensated in the morning and the dramatic decrease in blood glucose after an active day is easily managed without problems. The minimum bolus step is 0.1 units, the setting of the basal mode occurs with an accuracy of 0.01 units.

Since many diabetics have an allergic reaction to long-acting drugs, the possibility of using only ultrashort insulin is considered a significant advantage. At the same time the pump can be easily rebuilt if necessary.

Due to the use of an insulin pump, there is no risk of hypoglycemia, which is also important for people with diabetes mellitus. Even at night, the device easily reduces glycemia, and it is also convenient to monitor sugar during any disease. When pompotherapy is used, the glycated hemoglobin values ​​usually decrease to normal levels.

With the help of a special double-bolus regimen, when a certain dosage of insulin is injected immediately, and the rest is served gradually over a certain time, a diabetic can attend a festive feast, if necessary, violate the therapeutic diet and food intake mode, take dietary meals for diabetics.

Even a child can inject insulin with a pump, as the device has easy and intuitive control. You just need to type the necessary numbers and press the button.

Control of the console is also not difficult, in appearance it resembles the old model of a cell phone.

Using the Bolus Advisor

Using a special program, a diabetic can calculate a bolus, focusing on current blood sugar levels, planned diet, health status, physical activity of the patient, as well as the presence of individual device settings.

To program the data you need:

Measure blood glucose using consumables;

Indicate the amount of carbohydrates that a person should receive in the near future;

Enter data on physical activity and health at the moment.

The required amount of insulin will be calculated based on the specified individual settings. After confirming and selecting a bolus, the Accu Chek Spirit Combo insulin pump starts working immediately on the configured option. The video in this article will appear in the image of the instructions for use.

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