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Propolis in type 2 diabetes: treatment with tincture at home

If a person has diabetes mellitus of the second type, then he will have a sharp decrease in the level of insulin production. Such a process entails a mandatory increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood. Treatment of this condition will consist in a dose of insulin determined by dose.

As a rule, all that insulin, which is prescribed by doctors, has a synthesized form. Therefore, in some cases it is possible to use a natural analogue of the substance, namely propolis. This natural tool helps to deal with high-quality blood glucose surges.

Propolis is a truly unique remedy that bees produce. They use it as a solution to build partitions inside the hives. The chemical properties of propolis are varied, but for almost 50 percent it consists of various resins. In addition, the composition of propolis include:

  • tannins;
  • alkalis;
  • antiseptic;
  • metals.

Propolis is also a great antibiotic. It can well cope with viral and bacterial infections. Due to the high dose of pinocembrin, it also becomes the natural protection of the skin from the occurrence of fungus.

Propolis is a tool that can have a embalming and preservative effect on the body. This makes it possible to apply it not only in medical practice, but also in dermatology.

Alcoholic tincture on the basis of propolis can be used for some chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus of the first and second type. More product properties will be extremely useful when:

  • ulcerative skin lesions;
  • joint diseases;
  • frostbite of the extremities.

Principle of effects of propolis on diabetes

Effective treatment with propolis tincture should be made according to a special scheme. It is necessary to use medicine strictly before meal and no more than 3 times a day. As a rule, a course is started by a drop of a product that is diluted with a tablespoon of milk, just milk in diabetes is allowed.

Therapy involves a gradual increase in the indicated dosage to a volume of 15 drops. Propolis is added strictly on 1 drop for 1 time. If we are talking about the treatment of an adult, then in this case, you can use the tool without diluting with milk or other sweeteners.

In case of diabetes of the second type, propolis tincture is applied for a course of 15 days. First, the dosage is increased to 15 drops, and then reduced in the reverse order. Between treatment courses, be sure to endure a break of 2 weeks. Treatment in this way can not be carried out for more than 6 months in a row.

In addition to drinking tincture on the beekeeping product, it is necessary to follow a strict diet. Along with homeopathy, you must also take pharmaceutical medicines recommended by your doctor. Only if this condition is met, can we speak and achieve a lasting positive effect from the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2 at home.

Modern nutritionists recommend to completely abandon these products:

  1. sweet baking;
  2. sweet dishes;
  3. spices;
  4. salty food;
  5. fatty meat (lamb, pork);
  6. alcoholic beverages;
  7. some extremely sweet fruits (bananas, raisins and grapes).

Doctors allow the use of granulated sugar and bee honey to those who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but this should be done after an individual consultation with a doctor. In addition, the patient should drink a lot, for example, it can be drinks based on hips and brewer's yeast. This will give the body the opportunity to get only the necessary for it microelements and vitamins.

What is the use of propolis for type 2 diabetes?

To effectively combat the insulin-dependent form of diabetes mellitus, doctors recommend the use of tincture. For its preparation should take 15 g of propolis, which is crushed to a state of powder.

Further, the substance must be poured 100 ml of high-quality alcohol of high strength. In a separate clean container, mix the ingredients thoroughly and leave to infuse in a dark place for 14 days.

There are other ways of making tinctures. To do this, pour boiled water into the thermos (approx. 50 degrees) in a thermos.

A finely ground propolis briquette is poured into the water (for every 100 ml of water, 10 g of raw material). Means insist 24 hours, and then carefully filtered. Store the medicine in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Tincture can be useful if consumed within 7 days.

It is best to use a dark glass container and do not forget to shake it during the infusion period.

Traditional medicine offers another method of making propolis, which will accelerate the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It provides that it is necessary to take for every 10 grams of ground propolis 100-120 ml of water. The mixture is poured into a small dish and put in a water bath (be sure to cover with a lid!).

Treatment with propolis is 100 percent natural, so various side effects and negative reactions are minimized. It can be said that this is a peculiar, but effective treatment of diabetes of the second type by folk remedies.

Prepare the drug for 60 minutes over medium heat. It is imperative that it is important to ensure that the temperature does not rise above 80 degrees, otherwise propolis will simply lose its beneficial properties, making the treatment of type 2 diabetes ineffective.

Store the finished tincture in the cold, but not more than 7 days.

Alternative to propolis

Just an excellent replacement for propolis can be royal jelly bees. Treatment with this substance should continue for no more than 1 month, and the regimen should include the use of the substance 3 times a day after meals (the volume of a single dose is 10 g).

30 days after the start of therapy, a decrease in the blood glucose level by 3 µmol / L will be noted.

In addition, some of the main symptoms of type 2 diabetes soon pass:

  • glucosuria;
  • polyuria;
  • nocturia.

Statistics say that while drinking milk, the diabetic's need for insulin is significantly reduced.

By its properties, royal jelly is almost completely similar to propolis. It helps to improve immunity and bring metabolic processes to an adequate level.

What can be contraindications?

You can not apply treatment with propolis for:

  1. pregnancy;
  2. lactation;
  3. allergies to bee products.

It is important to clarify that the ban applies to the period of a woman’s life when she only plans to conceive a child.

When breastfeeding it is better to avoid alcoholic tinctures of propolis, and its use of its water counterparts should first be coordinated with the doctor, however, their use is still highly undesirable. Otherwise, it may cause significant harm to the child.

Allergic manifestations of propolis are purely individual. In diabetes of the second type, even the administration of special antihistamines cannot include the use of propolis and products based on it.

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