Diet pills with diabetes Siofor 850: reviews losing weight

Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem. Fat people know firsthand how badly it can make life difficult. Although pills for diabetes for weight loss are used less frequently than for the treatment of diabetes, many still question whether it is possible to lose weight with the help of Siofor.

Losing excess weight is critically important for good health and normal health, because it leads not only to the fact that the clothes you like do not want to "fit" - this is only half the problem. Even a relatively mild degree of obesity causes shortness of breath, fatigue.

The more severe the degree of obesity, the more serious the accompanying diseases will be. Because of the increased load, the joints, the spine, the cardiovascular system suffer, and the hormones are disturbed. And this is all, not to mention the inevitable psychological discomfort.

The most common cause of overweight is overeating. Not so important what caused it. The main thing is that as a result of consuming a large amount of food, and it is not healthy at all, the load on the pancreas increases.

Failure to work leads to a shortage of insulin, and as a result - diabetes. On the other hand, on the contrary, with diabetes mellitus, an uncontrollable appetite can occur, which in turn will lead to an increase in body fat.

Not so important, overweight is the cause of diabetes, or vice versa - it is important to find the optimal and effective medication. And as such an agent, the diabetic drug Siophore is often chosen.

Pharmacological properties of the drug Siofor

When deciding to take a drug, you need to figure out what effect it has. Siofor - one of the most popular drugs for diabetics, used for weight loss. This drug belongs to the group of biguanides. The main component of the drug is metformin.

Due to this component, the drug lowers the sugar level after a meal, but at the same time does not cause hypoglycemia, since it does not increase insulin production. It does not worsen the work of the kidneys.

Metformin has one very useful property - it reduces the level of insulin in the blood, thereby eliminating one of the main causes of excess weight. In addition, the drug improves glucose uptake by muscle tissue, contributes to the oxidation of fatty acids.

The beneficial effect of the drug is also that it reduces the appetite, which is often elevated in diabetes mellitus. This reduces the amount of food eaten, which means that less “extra” calories enter the body.

The drug is available in various versions:

  • Siofor 500,
  • Siofor 850,
  • Siofor 1000.

Variants of the drug are the same in composition, only the dosage of the main active ingredient in 1 capsule differs.

The main indication for starting a medication is only one - it is type 2 diabetes in an adult, in cases where previously prescribed drugs (usually based on sulfonylurea) did not produce the desired result. Also, the drug is prescribed to diabetics with severe obesity.

Despite the good effect of taking the drug, endocrinologists recommend taking it carefully, constantly monitoring the response of the body.

This is due to the fact that, like other drugs, Siofor has its own contraindications and side effects, and there are quite a lot of them. For the same reason, these diet pills are not prescribed.

How to take Siofor?

In the pharmacy, you can purchase the drug in any dosage of metformin. But do not give in to the opinion that a large concentration of the active substance will allow you to lose weight faster. The doctor will help you to choose the best option - you should definitely consult with him if you plan to take a medicine for weight loss.

Usually they begin to take the medicine with the minimum dosage - that is, to choose the drug Siophore 500. That is the amount that is optimal for healthy people with excess weight and if prediabetes is detected.

The duration of treatment is determined by side effects. If a week after the start of treatment they appear, then the drug should be stopped. If no deterioration is found, you can increase the amount to 850 mg of metformin per day. If such tablets could not be found, then Siofor 500 can be taken twice a day: first one tablet, and after 12 hours the second one.

The dosage of the drug is recommended to increase every 7 days. If, after increasing the amount of the drug, side effects appear, it is necessary to return to the previous dosage. How long it takes to "addictive" depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Then you can try again to increase the dose.

The maximum dosage is 1000 mg 3 times a day, although in the absence of pathologies it can be limited to 1000 mg 2 times a day.

When losing weight or treating with drug, Siofor should be tested regularly (biochemical analysis of urine and blood). This will allow time to establish the violation of the liver and kidneys.

Tablets do not need to be chewed or crushed. When used, they can be washed down with water.

Siofor is recommended to take either before meals or directly during meals.

Specialists reviews about the drug Siofor

As already mentioned, doctors do not share the optimism of some thinner with the help of Siofor. This drug is primarily a cure for severe endocrine disease, which has its drawbacks.

For all the time of use of the drug Siofor 500, there were many cases when the patient not only felt an improvement in health, but also lost weight.

But it should be borne in mind that weight loss in diabetes is a concern not only of the patient himself, but also of his attending physician. Therefore, the patient is not only prescribed antidiabetic drugs, but also recommends making other changes to his lifestyle. For example, the best effect of sugar lowering drugs is given in combination with moderate but regular physical activity and adherence to a protein diet in diabetes. If the treatment does not give the desired result, the treatment regimen is adjusted. This provides a comprehensive effect.

It was also noticed that taking Siofor with other diseases also contributes to weight loss. For example, in polycystic ovary syndrome. But, firstly, in this case, Siofor 500 is included in the complex therapeutic measures, and secondly, the effect is achieved precisely due to the fact that many patients detect prediabetes and carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

In general, the instructions for use of the drug do not indicate that it can be used for weight loss, as well as the reverse is not indicated. Therefore, many doctors believe that taking the drug in the absence of evidence (in fact, diabetes) is more interested only in patients who want to find a magic pill and quickly get rid of excess fat.

Due to the high likelihood of side effects and a large number of contraindications among specialists, there is an opinion that the drug should be withdrawn from free sale and sold only by prescription.

Reviews losing weight with the help of Siofor

Siofor tablets are used primarily for the treatment of diabetes, so they are rarely taken for weight loss. At the same time, real reviews of the drug vary. To some, he really helped lose weight, and some of those who lost weight on Siofor did not notice any improvements.

As a result of taking Siofor for many healthy people it became a discovery that the common information about the drug turned out to be just myths.

It is believed that with the help of the drug you can lose weight, making for this purpose just as much effort as you might need to open the package with medicine. In fact, it turned out that the desired effect can be achieved only with an integrated approach: in addition to taking pills, you need to follow a fairly strict diet (limited to fatty foods, sweets, fried, flour).

The second common misconception is that the drug can interrupt the craving for harmful products. Siofor really reduces the appetite, but to change the taste tastes of man is not under his power.

Finally, the drug cannot be considered harmless - it can provoke serious metabolic disorders.

There are 850 reviews losing weight and positive among Siofor, but more often they are left by diabetics. In such cases, those who have lost weight with this drug do notice positive changes.

How to use Siofor in diabetes and obesity will tell the expert from the video in this article.

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