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Glucometer TC Contour: which test strips are suitable and how to use them?

Patients with diabetes are forced to use daily glucometer. Careful control of blood glucose levels is a guarantee of satisfactory well-being and long life without dangerous diabetic complications. For measuring little good work device for measuring blood sugar.

To obtain accurate measurement results, it is also important to have on hand test strips that best fit the measuring instrument available.

The use of testers designed for other brands of blood glucose meters may adversely affect the accuracy of the numbers and the work of the meter itself.

What test strips are suitable for the Kontur TS meter?

In order for the device to work properly and give exact figures, it is necessary to use strips designed for a specific model of the device (in this case we are talking about the device Kontur TS).

This approach is justified by the coincidence of the characteristics of the testers and the device, which allows to obtain an accurate result.

Test strips Circuit TC

The fact is that manufacturers make strips for blood glucose meters on different equipment, using different technologies.

The result of this approach is the different indicators of the sensitivity of the device, as well as differences in the size of the testers, which is especially important when inserting a strip into the hole to measure and activate the device.

It is important to choose strips created by the manufacturer specifically for the meter of a particular model.

As a rule, sellers indicate the required parameter in the characteristics, so before you buy these or other strips, you need to carefully study this parameter in the appropriate section of the catalog.

How to use the test plates?

In many ways, the measurement accuracy depends not only on the quality of the measuring device, but also on the characteristics of the test strips. In order for the measuring strips to retain their basic properties as long as possible, it is necessary to strictly observe the storage conditions and the rules for their use.

Among the points that must be observed in the process of using and storing test material, include such tips:

  1. The strips should be stored in the original plastic case. Moving and their subsequent content in any other container not originally intended for these purposes may adversely affect the characteristics of testers;
  2. the strips should be stored in a dry place protected from the sun, the temperature of which does not exceed 30 C. Also, the material should be protected from moisture;
  3. in order not to get a distorted result, it is necessary to remove the test strip from the package immediately before taking measurements;
  4. Testers cannot be used after the end of the operation date. To correctly determine this day, be sure to write the date of removal from the front lid case on the day of opening the package with strips and calculate the final period of use by reading the instructions;
  5. the area intended for the application of the biomaterial must be dry and clean. The use of a strip is not allowed if dirt or food gets on the test area;
  6. Always use testers designed for your meter's meter.
Repeated use of the same test strip is unacceptable.

Also, it is imperative to carefully monitor that the alcohol that you use to disinfect the puncture zone does not get onto the strip. Alcohol components can distort the result, so if you are not on the road, it is advisable to use regular soap and water to clean your hands.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Storage conditions and the period in which the strips can be applied are usually indicated in the instructions. In order not to violate the requirements, you must carefully study the instructions.

As a rule, manufacturers put forward the following requirements for users:

  1. store testers must be protected from sunlight, moisture and elevated temperatures;
  2. the air temperature at the storage location should not exceed 30 ° C;
  3. storing strips without packaging is strictly prohibited. The absence of a protective shell can contribute to the weakening of the operational properties of the product;
  4. it is necessary to open the tester before taking measurements;
  5. It is not recommended to use alcohol to disinfect the skin before taking measurements. The only exception is the situation when the measurements are carried out on the road. In such situations, it is necessary to wait until the alcohol evaporates from the hands, and only in the field of this should we measure the indicators.

Compliance with the shelf life of the test strips is also an important requirement in the process of using materials. Usually the deadline is specified on the package and in the instructions.

In order not to be mistaken with the latest date of use, you can independently carry out the necessary calculations. The starting point in this case is the day of opening the package with test strips.

If test strips are expired, you should not tempt fate and take measurements with their help. In such a case, it will be possible to obtain an unreliable result, which will adversely affect the measurement result, which in turn can be hazardous to health.

Test strips N50 price for Contour TS blood glucose meter

The cost of test strips for a contour TS meter may vary. Everything will depend on the price policy of the pharmacy-seller, as well as on the presence or absence of intermediaries in the trade chain.

Some pharmacies make promotional offers to buyers. They can buy, for example, a second package of testers for half the price or with a substantial discount.

On average, the cost of a package containing 50 test strips for a glucometer is about 900 - 980 rubles. But depending on the region in which the pharmacy is located, the price of goods may vary.

In some cases, promotional offers apply to packaging, the shelf life of which will soon expire. In such a situation, it is necessary to compare your own needs with the number of lanes so that you do not later throw away the product that has lost its shelf life.

Wholesale batches of lanes are cheaper. However, acquiring a large number of packages, again, do not forget about the shelf life of the goods.


In order for you to form an objective opinion on the Kontur TS test strips, we give you testimonials from diabetics who used such testers:

  • Inga, 39 years old. I use a contour meter glucometer for the second year in a row. Never failed! Measurements are always accurate. Test strips to it are inexpensive. A pack of 50 pieces costs around 950 rubles. In addition, in pharmacies, this type of testers is more likely to be satisfied with this type of tester than for others. And health under control, and afford not hit;
  • Marina, 42 years old. I bought my mother Kontur glucose meter and strips for it. Everything was cheap. And this is important, because the mother’s pension is small, and the extra expenses for her can be overwhelming. The measurement result is always accurate (compared with the result of laboratory research). I really like the fact that test strips are sold in almost every pharmacy. Therefore, it is not necessary to search for them for a long time, and there are no problems with the search and their purchase.

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Instructions for using the Kontur TS glucometer:

The correct choice of test strips for the meter is the key to an accurate measurement result. Therefore, do not neglect the recommendations of manufacturers, who advise to use testers designed strictly for a particular model.

If you do not know what kind of testers you need, contact your retailer consultant for help. The specialist has a complete list of information about the products offered in the catalog, so he will help you make the right choice.

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