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Royal jelly for type 2 diabetes: treatment with propolis and honey

Royal jelly is a unique type of biologically active feed that is used to feed the uterus, uterine larvae and the developing larvae of working bees.

Royal jelly has one major drawback, which is the short shelf life of the product.

At present, there are only two ways to store this product - freezing and vacuum drying.

The composition and properties of royal jelly

Royal jelly has a high nutritional value.

The development of this product is carried out by special glands, which are located in the throat of young nurse bees.

This product contains all the nutrients and biologically active compounds required for the normal development of a living organism.

Royal jelly in its composition contains:

  • water;
  • proteins similar to human blood proteins about 10% of the volume;
  • a set of various vitamins;
  • carbohydrates make up 40%;
  • fat in the composition of milk - 5%;
  • polyamino acid complex consisting of 22 amino acids;
  • polyethylene complex, which includes several dozen trace elements;
  • some enzymes.

In total, this nutrient substrate contains about 400 different compounds.

Used royal jelly with diabetes has the following qualities:

  1. Improves tissue trophism. This is due to the activation of the metabolism of enzymes, which contributes to the establishment of tissue respiration.
  2. Contributes to the normalization of the central nervous system of the body.
  3. Normalizes blood pressure.
  4. It has a beneficial effect and normalizes the work of the spinal cord and brain due to the improvement of blood circulation in it.
  5. Promotes normalization of sleep and appetite, increases the ability to work.
  6. Contributes to a decrease in glucose in the patient's body.
  7. Promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes.

In addition to these qualities, positively affecting the condition of a patient with diabetes, the use of royal jelly can have a positive effect on many other functions of the body.

The optimal shelf life of fresh royal jelly is 15 days, it is during this period of time that this product retains all its beneficial properties.

Long-term storage of royal jelly is possible only in the refrigerating chamber, and the optimum temperature for storing the product is 20 degrees Celsius below zero.

Under all storage conditions and temperature conditions, this beekeeping product can be stored in a frozen state for 2 years.

Product storage is most often carried out in sterile disposable syringes.

If the product is stored at temperatures in the range from 2 to 5 degrees, then its shelf life is reduced to six months.

Use of royal jelly in diabetes

In case of diabetes, specialists in the field of traditional medicine and endocrinologists recommend taking the royal jelly preparation for 6 months. After treatment courses for patients with diabetes mellitus, there is a significant decrease in blood sugar levels. One of the best known products of royal jelly is Apilak.

Apilac in diabetes can be used as a prophylactic to prevent the development of complications associated with diabetes in the patient, as well as to normalize the level of sugars in the patient's blood plasma.

The effect of royal jelly contained in the drug is aimed at diabetes mellitus to restore the metabolic processes occurring in the patient's body and reduce the toxic effect on the body during the progression of diabetes.

Patients with a diagnosis of diabetes should take a mixture of honey with the drug Apilak.

Before taking the funds, it is prepared by dissolving 25-30 tablets of Apilak in 250 ml of honey. To dissolve the tablets, they should be ground into powder and mixed with the required amount of honey. The mixture is stirred until a homogeneous mass.

The drug should be taken one teaspoon three times a day 30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment should be continued for 8-10 months. Taking the drug allows you to normalize the indicator of sugar level within the physiologically determined norm.

In the treatment of diabetes mellitus of the second type, an agent can be used, which consists of the following components:

  • burdock;
  • blueberries;
  • royal jelly.

For the preparation of funds should be mixed burdock roots with bilberry leaves. Two tablespoons of the mixture should be poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 2-3 hours. After cooking, the infusion should be filtered and taken 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before eating. Simultaneously with the infusion should take the drug royal jelly Apilak. The drug should be taken at 0.5 tablets. The tool should be placed under the tongue and kept until complete resorption.

The drug must be taken 15-20 minutes before a meal.

The role of royal jelly and propolis in the treatment of diabetes

A single use of the drug Apilak, whose tablets contain 2 mg of royal jelly in their composition, three hours after ingestion causes a decrease in the level of sugar in the body of a diabetic. The decrease on average occurs by an indicator that ranges from 11 to 33% of the original.

In diabetes, it is recommended that Apilak be taken three times a day, one tablet under the tongue until completely dissolved. The course of drug treatment should have a duration of six months.

In the presence of diabetes mellitus due to genetic factors and characterized by the fluctuation of the glucose indicator in the patient's body, it is recommended to use the drug in small dosages. The dosage can be gradually increased, if necessary, after monitoring by biochemical analysis. Royal jelly in its composition contains a peptide, which in its structure is very close to human insulin and performs a similar effect.

Propolis preparations used for treatment contribute to an increase in cell resistance to infections and have a hypoglycemic effect. In addition, the use of the drug Apilak has an immune-stimulating and adaptogenic effect on the body, which is effective in the treatment of recurrent infections.

The development of type 2 diabetes mellitus is accompanied, along with impaired carbohydrate metabolism, by immune disruptions. When taking propolis tincture while taking Apilac there is a noticeable improvement. After treatment, an improvement in carbohydrate metabolism is observed:

  • weakness decreases;
  • polyuria decreases;
  • reduced glucose level;
  • there is a decrease in plasma sugar;
  • insulin sensitivity increases;
  • reduced dose of required human insulin.

In the course of the course, propolis tincture is taken three times a day, 20 drops each, and Apilak, 10 mg also three times a day, simultaneously with tincture of propolis or immediately after it.

The beneficial properties of royal jelly are described in the video in this article.

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