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American glucometers Freestyle: reviews and instructions for use of the models Optium, Optium Neo, Freedom Lite and Libre Flash

Every diabetic is obliged to control blood sugar. Now, to determine it, it is not necessary to visit the laboratory, it is enough to acquire a special device - a glucometer.

These devices are quite in demand, so many are interested in their production.

Among other popular are the blood glucose meter and Freestyle strips, which will be discussed further.

Types of Freestyle blood glucose meters and their specifications

In the Freestyle line there are several models of blood glucose meters, each of which requires separate attention.


Freestyle Optium is a device for measuring not only glucose, but also ketone bodies. Therefore, this model can be considered the most suitable for diabetics with an acute form of the disease.

The device takes 5 seconds to determine the sugar, and the level of ketones is 10. The device has the function of removing the average for a week, two weeks and a month and memorizing the last 450 measurements.

Glucometer Freestyle Optium

Also, the data obtained with its help can easily be transferred to a personal computer. In addition, the meter automatically turns off after a minute after removing the test strip.

On average, this device costs from 1200 to 1300 rubles. When the complete test strips run out, you will need to purchase them separately. They are different for measuring glucose and ketones. 10 pieces to measure the second will cost 1000 rubles, and 50 first - 1200.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • lack of recognition of already used test strips;
  • fragility of the device;
  • high cost of strips.

Optium neo

Freestyle Optium Neo is an improved version of the previous model. It also measures the level of sugar and ketones in the blood.

Among the features of the Freestyle Optium Neo are the following:

  • the device is equipped with a large display on which the characters are clearly displayed, they can be seen in any light;
  • there is no coding system;
  • each test strip is in individual packaging;
  • minimal pain when piercing a finger due to technology Comfort Zone;
  • display of results in the shortest possible time (5 seconds);
  • the ability to save several parameters of insulin, which will allow the device to be used by two or more patients at once.

In addition, it is worthwhile to separately mention such a function of the device as displaying high or low sugar levels. This is useful for those who do not yet know which indicators are the norm, and which ones are deviations.

In the case of an elevated level, a yellow arrow pointing up is displayed on the screen. If it is lowered, then a red arrow will appear, looking down.

Freedom lite

The main feature of the model Freedom Lite is compact. The device is so small (4.6 × 4.1 × 2 cm) that it can be carried anywhere. It is mainly for this reason that he is so in demand.

In addition, its cost is quite low. Included with the main device are 10 test strips and lancets, pen-piercer, instructions and cover.

Glucometer Freestyle Freedom Lite

The device can measure the level of ketone bodies and sugar, as well as the previously considered options. It requires the minimum amount of blood for research, if it is not enough for it that has already been received, then after the corresponding notification on the screen, the user can add it within 60 seconds.

The display device is of sufficient size, it is easy to see the result even in the dark, for this there is a backlight function. The data of recent measurements are stored in memory, if necessary, they can be transferred to a PC.

Libre flash

This model is significantly different from the previously discussed. The Libre Flash is a unique blood glucose meter that does not use a piercing pen to draw blood, but a sensory cannula.

This method allows to carry out the procedure of measuring indicators with minimal pain. One such sensor can be used for two weeks.

A feature of the gadget is the ability to use the smartphone screen to study the results, and not just the standard reader. The features can also be attributed to its compactness, ease of installation, lack of calibration, the water resistance of the sensor, the low percentage of incorrect results.

Of course, there are also disadvantages of this device. For example, the touch analyzer is not equipped with sound, and the results can sometimes be shown with a delay.

The main disadvantage is the price, which ranges from 60 to 100 dollars, which not everyone can afford. In addition, the device does not have instructions in Russian, but this problem is easily solved with the help of translators or video reviews.

Instructions for use

First of all, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before testing, then wipe them dry.

You can proceed to manipulate the device itself:

  • Before proceeding with the setting of the piercing device, it is necessary to remove the tip at a slight angle;
  • then insert a new lancet into the specially designated opening - the retainer;
  • one hand should hold the lancet, and the other, using circular movements of the hand, remove the cap;
  • the tip of the puncturer is inserted into place only after a small click, and you cannot touch the tip of the lancet;
  • the value in the window will help to adjust the depth of the puncture;
  • the cocking mechanism is pulled back.

After completing these steps, you can proceed to setting up the meter. After turning on the device, you need to carefully remove the new test strip Freestyle and insert it into the device.

A sufficiently important point is the code displayed, it must correspond to the one indicated on the test strip vial. This item is executed in case there is a coding system.

After carrying out these actions, a flashing drop of blood should appear on the device screen, which indicates that the meter is set up correctly and ready to work.

Next steps:

  • the piercer should be leaned against the place where blood will be collected with a transparent tip in an upright position;
  • after the shutter release button is pressed, it is necessary to press the piercing device against the skin until a sufficient amount of blood has accumulated in the transparent tip;
  • in order not to smear the obtained blood sample, it is necessary to raise the device, holding the piercing device in an upright position.

The completion of the collection of blood tests will be notified by a special sound signal, after which the results of the research will be provided on the device screen.

Instructions for using the touch gadget Freestyle Libre:

  • the sensor must be fixed in a specific area (shoulder or forearm);
  • then you need to press the “start” button, after which the device will be ready for operation;
  • the reader must be brought to the sensor, wait until the collection of all necessary information occurs, after which the scan results will be highlighted on the device screen;
  • This device turns off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Test strips for a meter Freestyle Optium

These test strips are necessary for measuring blood sugar levels and are compatible with only two types of blood glucose meters:

  • Optium Xceed;
  • FreeStyle Optium.

The package contains 25 test strips.

Test Strips Freestyle Optium

The advantages of Freestyle test strips are:

  • translucent shell and blood collection chamber. In this way, the user can watch the fill box;
  • there is no need to choose a specific place for blood collection, since it can be carried out from any surface;
  • each Optium test strip is packed in a special film.

Optium Xceed and Optium Omega Blood Sugar Monitor

The features of the Optium Xceed include:

  • large enough screen size;
  • the device is equipped with a sufficiently large memory, remembers 450 recent measurements, saving the date and time of the analysis;
  • the procedure does not depend on time factors and can be carried out at any time, regardless of food intake or drugs;
  • the device is equipped with a function with which you can save data on a personal computer;
  • the device notifies with a sound signal of sufficient amount of blood required for measurements.

The features of the Optium Omega include:

  • fast enough test result that appears on the monitor after 5 seconds from the moment of blood collection;
  • the device has a memory of 50 saves of the latest results with the date and time of the analysis;
  • This device is equipped with a function that notifies you of insufficient blood for analysis;
  • The Optium Omega device has an integrated power-off function at a certain time after inactivity;
  • The battery is designed for approximately 1000 tests.

Which is better: reviews of doctors and patients

Freestyle glucose meters are quite popular not only among diabetics, but are also widely used in medical institutions.

The brand Optium Neo is considered to be the most popular, as it is quite cheap, but at the same time it qualitatively and quickly determines the level of sugar in the blood.

Many doctors recommend this device to their patients.

Among the user reviews it can be noted that these blood glucose meters are affordable, accurate, convenient and easy to use. The disadvantages are the lack of instructions in Russian, as well as the high cost of test strips.

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