Symptoms of pancreatic disease in men and their treatment

If the normal functioning of the pancreas fails, an inflammatory process develops, which often leads to pancreatitis. Such an internal organ is very important for the full activity of the body.

It is responsible for the production of enzymes that digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also synthesizes the hormone insulin. Due to inflammation, pancreatic juice cannot be produced normally. Most often, a disease such as pancreatitis is detected in men.

The main cause is chronic alcoholism. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages has a detrimental effect on the functioning of all internal organs, including the pancreas. In addition, there are many other factors that provoke a negative consequence and complication.

Why does male pancreatin develop?

An adult male may be ill due to various reasons. But the most common factor is alcohol abuse. After the alcoholic beverage is in the stomach, there is a sharp increase in the concentration of enzymes in the pancreatic fluid.

Also, alcoholic beverages provoke spasms of the sphincter, located in the area of ​​the pancreas. When alcoholism is not uncommon when it refuses to open, as a result of overlap pancreatic juice cannot be received.

Including the problem can cause an improper diet, when a man regularly uses harmful foods, overeat, and often loves to eat dry. The disease can often worsen after the holidays, when the patient eats too much, and the digestive system is subjected to an incredible load.

  • A person can get sick if he has kidney stones.
  • If the abdominal cavity was previously injured, the man had an accident and received dull blows to the abdomen, the disease sometimes makes itself felt.
  • The reason also becomes the presence of chronic diseases of the abdominal cavity, which in the absence of proper treatment develop into pancreatitis.
  • A severe form of influenza with reduced immunity leads to complications and the development of pancreatic disease.
  • The disease is sometimes triggered by viral hepatitis and other serious infections.

Additional factors that increase the risk of developing the disease include the habit of smoking, the individual genetic susceptibility to pancreatitis.

If a patient has been taking an analgesic or antispasmodic drug for a long time, while not taking the dosage and doing self-medication, the condition may be significantly complicated, and the risk of impotence will also increase.

Be careful and regularly visit the doctor to people who have recently undergone surgery. Abundant parasitic lesions lead to clogged pancreatic ducts.

Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the form of colitis, stomach ulcers, and enterocolitis cause a similar condition.

Symptoms of the disease

Signs of pancreatic disease in men depend on the form of the disease. Acute pancreatitis is accompanied by strong, pulling and squeezing pain, this indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the pancreas.

Soreness can be felt in different places where inflammation is localized, often hurts in the hypochondrium, on the side of the stomach. These symptoms of pancreatic inflammation in men after overeating or prolonged fasting are exacerbated.

In some cases, the pain is severe, and if the syndrome is not stopped in time, a pain shock may occur.

  1. Because of the inflammatory process, body temperature usually increases markedly.
  2. The general condition of a person is worsening, weakness and exhaustion is felt, appetite decreases.
  3. Due to the general negative state, the blood pressure level can jump.
  4. The skin of the face noticeably turns pale and eventually becomes grayish - this is a characteristic sign of the development of the disease.
  5. The patient may feel nausea, vomiting, hiccups, belching, dryness in the mouth.
  6. Digestion is disturbed, which causes an upset stomach. Fecal masses have a liquid consistency with particles of undigested food and are characterized by a pronounced unpleasant odor.
  7. The abdominal cavity is strongly swollen, during palpation is not determined the tension of the muscle tissue of the abdomen.

If the doctor detects a yellow plaque on the patient's surface, a sharp malfunction of the pancreas is diagnosed. Since the bile ducts are blocked, jaundice often develops, in which case it is necessary to urgently hospitalize a person and treat the disease.

In chronic pancreatitis, the symptoms of pancreatic disease in men are not so pronounced, but no less dangerous. The patient feels a little nagging pain after eating harmful dishes or if the diet is broken.

If a person consumes fatty foods or alcoholic beverages, sometimes vomiting may occur. The eaten food is poorly digested. Due to the fact that nutrients can not be absorbed and there is frequent diarrhea, the body is strongly shed and body weight is reduced.

Salivation also increases, the frequency of the stomach rumbles, appetite worsens after eating to nausea after eating. Fecal masses have a light shade. Also, chronic pancreatitis disrupts sleep, provokes irritability.

Inflammation of the pancreas often causes diabetes.

Treatment of the disease

The symptoms of pancreatic disease in men and their treatment depend on the extent of the pathology. The main therapies include therapeutic diet, medication and the use of proven herbs to treat the liver and pancreas.

After the attack occurred, the first two days the patient is hungry, drinks water or green tea. If severe pain occurs, the patient should lie on his side and take the fetal position. Also for five minutes apply a hot-water bottle with cold water.

When cramps are felt, No-silo or similar antispasmodic medication should be taken. The chronic form of pancreatitis is necessarily treated with the enzyme preparations Pancreatin, Mezim, Creon.

  • For infectious lesions, the doctor prescribes the use of potent antibiotics to stop the activity of the infection.
  • Tissue acidity is reduced by antacids and antioxidants.
  • Pancreatic secretion is reduced by taking Atropine or Platyphylline.

In some cases, the abdominal cavity is washed. If the ultrasound shows a blocked duct with gallstones, which has led to the development of pancreatitis, a cholecysteectomy surgery is prescribed.

In order not to provoke an exacerbation of the disease after therapy, it is necessary to follow a therapeutic diet. It is important to exclude from the diet salty, fatty, fried and sour dishes, alcoholic beverages. Forbidden products include coffee, sparkling water, semi-finished products. In addition, it is advisable not to use sweets for pancreatitis.

You also need to abandon the use of products that stimulate the synthesis of pancreatic juice. These include sausage, broth, fruit juices, spices, canned food. Coarse fiber can be eaten in minimal amounts.

Every day, a patient should include vegetable puree, casseroles, boiled poultry meat, cereals cooked in water in the menu. All products need to grind, salt is almost not added.

To reduce the risk of the appearance of pathology, every man should follow the following recommendations of gastroenterologists:

  1. You should quit smoking and stop drinking. It will also eliminate potency problems and increase erection.
  2. If diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urolithiasis, viral inflammations occur, they should be treated immediately.
  3. Seek help from a doctor as soon as the first symptoms of pancreatitis in men appeared.
  4. It is important to eat right, refuse to overeat or fast.

To strengthen the immune system, a man must maintain a proper lifestyle, play sports, fully relax, take vitamins and minerals.

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