Diabetes Diet

Pomelo - benefit or harm for diabetics?

Many fruits are characterized by too much sugar content, which means a high glycemic index, which is dangerous in diabetes. Another thing - citrus.

If you choose the right approach, citrus intake will provide the body with vitamins rich in mineral composition. It does not affect the calorie daily menu and will not create a risk to health.

Let us examine today whether it is possible to eat pomelo with diabetes and how much food eaten per day is considered optimal.

Fruit Description

Asian countries and Europe, the plant has been known for many centuries. In the US, it is cultivated in a small amount, but in China, Indonesia, and Israel plantations occupy vast territories.

Pomelo grows on the same evergreen tree up to 15 m in height. The fruit is the largest among citrus fruits. At the trade, he gets a moderate size. But there are varieties where the weight of one fruit reaches 10 kg.

The appearance of pomelo is deceptive. Most of the volume takes a thick fleshy skin. The edible portion accounts for no more than half the volume. Sour-sweet taste sets off a bitter bitterness. This is a feature of the broom and its dignity. Spicy property is used to make refreshments, fresh juices, exotic sauces.

Pomelo is widely used in the national cuisine of China and Thailand.

The high content of fiber, fatty acids, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins allows you to use citrus in the diet and recipes of traditional medicine.

Body benefits

How does pomelo help with type 2 diabetes? If citrus does not cause allergic reactions and is normally tolerated by the digestive system, then, consumed in limited quantities, it will not cause any problems.

On the contrary, pomelo with diabetes is beneficial in several ways:

  1. Helps to correct excess weight (caloric content of 100 g of the product - only 35 kcal;
  2. Excellent saturates dietary fiber;
  3. Contributes to the breakdown of fats due to the enzymes contained in it;
  4. Improves blood composition;
  5. Stimulates the brain, prevents the development of stroke;
  6. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  7. Cleans the intestines from toxins and pathogens;
  8. Promotes an increase in the body's defense reactions;
  9. Helps normalize hormonal levels;
  10. Increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, prevents the development of anemia;
  11. Pomelo helps to flush cholesterol plaques out of the vessels, increasing the lumen of the vessels and ensuring normal blood circulation.

If you have never used pomelo, then before the first intake it is better to ask the advice of the attending physician.

Citrus is not recommended for ulcers, kidney disease, gastritis.

How to choose and eat fruit

Depending on the variety chosen, the skin of a ripe pomelo can be light yellow, green and orange. To pamela in diabetes brought maximum benefit, during the purchase should pay attention to a few points.

The rind of the fruit should be firm and evenly colored, but not too hard. No dents or dry areas are allowed. On the cut, the crust is thick, white, and dry. The juicy pulp fibers have a pleasant citrusy aroma.

The sticky surface of the fetus indicates possible processing. Buy this fruit is not worth it.

The taste of ripe pomelo is fresh, with a barely perceptible bitterness. Reduce bitterness can be, if you remove the partition before use. The glycemic index of the product is 30 units. Safe for a diabetic is considered 150-200 g, consumed at a time.

Squeeze juice from pomelo, use fruit as an additive to vegetable salads, prepare sauces. With diabetes mellitus, it is better to eat fresh, so that the body gets fiber, vegetable fiber and useful elements that the product is rich in.

Recipes with pomelo for diabetics

Fruit is suitable for culinary combinations with most products: other fruits, fresh vegetables, greens, poultry, fish and meat.

With the help of pomelo you can diversify the diet and enjoy new flavors.

Delicious chicken and pomelo salad

It is nutritious, but non-nutritious. Spicy taste can surprise even guests at the holiday table.


  • Chicken fillet 1;
  • 150 g of pomelo;
  • Leaf salad;
  • A few cashew nuts;
  • Some grated cheese;
  • A spoonful of olive oil for dressing.

Boiled fillet disassembled into fibers. 100 g of pomelo separated from partitions. Put both ingredients on the lettuce leaves, sprinkle with nuts and grated cheese. From 50 g of citrus squeeze the juice and mix with olive oil, pour the appetizer.

Shrimp Cocktail Salad

Another option of snacks, combining benefits for the body and great taste.


  1. Half pomelo;
  2. 200 g peeled and boiled shrimp;
  3. Protein chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  4. 2 tablespoons cream cheese;
  5. Dill and salt.

Mix boiled shrimps with peeled and chopped into small pieces of pomelo. Add chopped protein. Mix a little pomelo juice with cream cheese and use for dressing.

Serve a cocktail in portioned glasses. Decorate with dill.

Pomelo will help improve well-being, improve mood and replace the forbidden sweets in diabetes.

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