Diabetes Diet

Sugar-free gingerbread: a recipe for diabetics gingerbread

Diabetes mellitus is a serious disease that requires the most rigorous therapeutic diet. Under strict ban get all the rich products in the form of cakes and pies. However, this does not mean that you need to completely abandon baking.

For diabetics, you can bake special diabetic cookies or gingerbread cookies on kefir, which are prepared using products that are acceptable for diabetes. Also, similar baking today can be found on sale in grocery stores and on websites for healthy eating.

All pastries are made exclusively with the use of fructose or sorbitol. Such a treat is suitable not only for diabetics, but also for all people who watch their figure and strive to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Safe baking for diabetics

Cookies or gingerbread on kefir with the use of sweeteners differ unusual taste, so they lose on taste characteristics similar products with sugar. Meanwhile, the most suitable option is the addition of natural sweetener Stevia, which is close to regular sugar.

Before you include in the diet any new dishes, you need to consult with your doctor. Of all the commercially available cookies for diabetics, a small number of galetny cookies or a cracker, whose glycemic index is 80 units, oatmeal cookies with a glycemic index of 55 units, are best suited.

Any type of pastry should not be sweet, fat and rich. Cookies or gingerbread cookies on kefir will satisfy the daily need for sweets, and besides, it will not take much time and effort to prepare homemade pastries. At the same time homemade dishes are considered safe in terms of content acceptable for diabetics products.

Wheat flour is replaced with rye wholemeal flour. Chicken eggs in the preparation of homemade pastries are not added. Instead of butter, margarine is used with a minimum amount of fat. Instead of regular sugar, sweeteners in the form of fructose or sorbitol are used.

Thus, all baking for diabetics can be divided into three types: low-carb cookies, biscuits and sugar-free gingerbread with fructose or sorbitol, and homemade cakes, prepared with regard to allowed products.

  1. For low-carb biscuits include biscuits and cracker, it contains only 55 g of carbohydrates, while there are no sugars and fats. Due to the high glycemic index, they can be consumed in small quantities, three to four pieces at a time.
  2. Baking with sweeteners has a specific taste, so diabetics may not like it.
  3. Homemade cakes, for example, gingerbread on kefir or homemade cookies, are usually prepared according to a special recipe, so a person can take into account which products can be added and which should not be.

When buying ready-made cookies in the store, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the product being sold. It is important that only dietary flour with a low glycemic index is used in cookies, this includes rye, oatmeal, lentil or buckwheat flour. White wheat flour is strictly contraindicated if the person is more diabetic.

Sugar should not be part of the product, even in small quantities, in the form of decorative topping. It is better if the sweeteners are fructose or sorbitol. Since fats are very harmful to diabetics, they should also not be used in the preparation of pastries, cookies or gingerbread on kefir can be made with the addition of margarine.

Cooking Oatmeal Cookies

In the first and second type of diabetes, homemade oatmeal cookies are great as treats. Such baking does not harm health and will satisfy the daily need for sugar.

To make oatmeal cookies, you will need 0.5 cups of pure water, the same amount of oatmeal, oatmeal, buckwheat or wheat flour, vanillin, low-fat margarine, fructose. Before cooking, margarine should be cooled, oatmeal rubbed with a blender.

Flour mixed with oatmeal, a tablespoon of margarine, vanilla on the tip of a knife is added to the mixture. After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, clean drinking water is poured and a sugar substitute is added in the amount of one dessert spoon.

  • Parchment is covered on a clean baking sheet, small flat cakes are laid on it using a tablespoon.
  • Oatmeal cookies are baked in the oven until a golden hue appears, the baking temperature should be 200 degrees.
  • The finished pastry is decorated with grated bitter chocolate with fructose or a small amount of dried fruit.

Each cookie contains no more than 0.4 bread units 36 kilocalories. In 100 g of the finished product, the glycemic index is 45 units.

Eat oatmeal cookies is recommended no more than three or four pieces at a time.

Recipes for Homemade Diabetic Cookies

This recipe will require rye flour, 0.3 cups of sugar substitute and low-fat margarine, two or three quail eggs, dark black chocolate in a small amount in the form of chips, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, and a half cups of rye flour. The components are thoroughly mixed, the dough is kneaded, after which the cookies are laid out on a baking sheet and baked for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

For diabetic cookies biscuit take half a glass of clean water, the same amount of wholemeal flour and oatmeal. Also added a tablespoon of fructose, 150 grams of low-fat margarine, cinnamon on the tip of a knife.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, water and sugar substitute are added at the end. Cookies are baked in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees, the baking time is 15 minutes. After the cookie has cooled, it is removed from the pan.

To prepare a dessert without sugar from rye flour, use 50 g of margarine, 30 g of sugar substitute, a pinch of vanilla, one egg, 300 g of rye flour, 10 g of black chocolate chips on fructose.

  1. The margarine is cooled, after which a sugar substitute, vanillin, is added to the container, the mixture is thoroughly ground. Pre-beaten eggs are poured into the container and the mixture is stirred.
  2. Next, rye flour is added in small portions, after which the dough is kneaded from the mixture. In the mixture, pour chocolate chips and evenly distribute it throughout the dough.
  3. Spread the dough on a parchment-laid baking tray with a tablespoon. Cookies are baked at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes, then cooled and removed from the pan.

The calorie content of such baking is about 40 kilocalories, one cookie contains 0.6 bread units. The glycemic index of 100 g of the finished product is 50 units. At one time, diabetics are advised to eat no more than three pieces of such cookies.

Shortbread diabetic cookies are prepared using 100 g of a sugar substitute, 200 g of low-fat margarine, 300 g of whole-grain buckwheat flour, one egg, a pinch of vanillin, and a small amount of salt.

  • After the margarine cools, it is mixed with a sugar substitute, salt, vanilla and egg are added to the mixture.
  • Buckwheat flour is added in small portions gradually, after which the dough is kneaded.
  • The finished dough is laid out on a pre-cooked baking sheet with parchment using a tablespoon. On one baking tray will accommodate about 30 cookies.
  • Cookies are placed in the oven, baked at a temperature of 200 degrees to obtain a golden hue. After cooking, baking is cooled and removed from the pan.

Each rye biscuit contains 54 calories, 0.5 bread units. In 100 g of the finished product, the glycemic index is 60 units.

At one time, diabetics can eat no more than two such cookies.

Cooking homemade gingerbread without sugar

An excellent treat for any holiday is homemade rye gingerbread, made according to your own recipe. Such baking can be a good gift for Christmas, since it is on this holiday that there is a tradition to give figured gingerbread in the form of various figures.

For the preparation of rye cakes at home, use a tablespoon of sweetener, 100 g of low-fat margarine, 3.5 cups of rye flour, one egg, a glass of water, 0.5 teaspoon of soda, vinegar. As spices use finely chopped cinnamon, ground ginger, cardamom.

The margarine softens, a sweetener, finely milled spices are added to it, the mixture is thoroughly stirred. An egg is added and carefully ground with the mixture.

  1. Grain rye flour is gradually added to the consistency, the dough is thoroughly mixed. Half a teaspoon of soda is quenched with one teaspoon of vinegar, slaked soda is added to the dough and mixed well.
  2. After adding the rest of the flour, the dough is kneaded. From the resulting texture roll small balls. Of which are formed gingerbread. When using special molds, the dough is rolled into the layer, the figures are cut out of it.
  3. The baking sheet is covered with parchment, gingerbread is spread on it. Bake them at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Any pastry for diabetics should not be baked for too long, cookies or gingerbread should have a golden tint. The finished product is decorated with chocolate or coconut chips, as well as dried fruits, which are soaked in water beforehand.

When eating gingerbread, it is recommended to regularly measure blood sugar with a glucometer, since any baking can cause blood sugar jumps.
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