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How much does the treatment of diabetes cost: the price of Metformin, Yanomed (Janumet), Glyukostab and other drugs

Antidiabetic drugs are divided into several groups. Types of drugs selects endocrinologist taking into account the type and nature of the disease.

For treatment, drugs with different costs are needed: some items are expensive, not all tablets can be obtained free of charge under the state program.

The price of drugs for diabetes - useful information for relatives of patients and patients who are forced to regularly monitor blood sugar levels.

Groups of drugs used in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the subtleties of their use

If the pancreas does not produce the hormone insulin, then daily injections and pills are required to fill the deficiency of a vital substance. Skipping a regular dose results in a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, which can lead to hyperglycemia and serious consequences.

The patient receives daily:

  • short and ultrashort insulin shortly before meals to prevent a jump in blood glucose levels;
  • medium and long insulin throughout the day to maintain an optimal indicator of blood sugar.

The main form of drugs for type 1 diabetes - solutions for injection.

The patient may receive vitamins, pills to strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolic processes, prevent problems with blood, kidneys and blood vessels according to the doctor’s prescription.

In an insulin-independent type of disease, the production of a hormone that regulates glucose decreases, or the tissues are insensitive or only slightly susceptible to insulin action. The main focus for type 2 diabetes is on a low carbohydrate diet to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Products with a low carb diet

Tables indicating the insulin and glycemic indexes, bread units greatly simplify the calculation of carbohydrates with the next meal. Additional measures: moderate exercise, meticulous care of the skin, elimination of nervousness, walks in the fresh air, strengthening the immune system.

In case of late detection of the disease, progression of endocrine pathology, high risk of hyperglycemia, the doctor additionally selects tablets in several categories. Depending on the condition of the diabetic, a specialist can combine two or three kinds of drugs.

In type 2 diabetes, modern preparations of one or several groups are prescribed:

  • biguanides;
  • compounds that inhibit the synthesis of the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase-4;
  • glyflozlin;
  • alpha glucosidase inhibitors;
  • sulfonylurea preparations;
  • glinides;
  • thiazolidinedione.

Dosage form of drugs for diabetes:

  • pills;
  • capsules;
  • injection;
  • antidiabetic patch;
  • gel.

With a severe form of the disease, long experience of the disease for diabetics with insulin resistance is not always enough pills to maintain an optimal level of glucose in the blood. At high risk of hyperglycemia, the endocrinologist selects a combination therapy: a combination of oral products with injections of the pancreatic hormone.

Do not worry when they put on insulin: it is important not to miss the moment if you need short and long insulin. It is necessary to avoid negative consequences for the body: the development of hyperglycemia, diabetic foot, heart disease and kidney on the background of high blood sugar.

The price of drugs for diabetes

The cost of drugs varies considerably, largely depends on the manufacturer: domestic or imported funds. Many items are made on the basis of a single active ingredient, but there is often a difference in effectiveness during use.


Dosage: 500, 850 and 1000 mg. The cost of packing # 30 and 60 depends on the concentration of metformin. Price ranges from 120 to 260 rubles.

Tablets Metformin

Janumet (Yanulit, Jansmed)

The drug is based on a combination of metformin with sitagliptin is expensive: about 2900 rubles for 56 tablets. The analogue of Januvia is 2 times cheaper, but only one active ingredient is present - metformin.


Effective antidiabetic drug based on linagliptin. The cost of packing number 30 - 1800 rubles.


The active ingredient is glimepiride. The price of Amaril depends not only on the number of units in the package, but also on the concentration of the active substance: 1, 2, 3, 4 mg. For 30 tablets you will have to pay from 370 to 680 rubles, for 90 tablets - from 1290 to 2950 rubles.

Amaryl Tablets


A homeopathic remedy is taken by many diabetics to maintain optimal glucose values ​​throughout the day. Glyukostab used in endocrine pathology of type 1 and type 2 as prescribed by a doctor.

The developer of the tool is Eduard Aldobaev. In the Russian Federation a patent was obtained in 2010, in Ukraine - in 2008. The average cost is 600 rubles.


Drug based on gliclazide. The drug is produced in France. Depending on the level of hyperglycemia, you can buy a drug with an active substance content of 60 or 30 mg.

Diabeton Tablets

Using tablets stabilizes blood sugar levels. Diabeton has received many positive reviews. Packaging antidiabetic agent number 30 costs 340 rubles.


The supplement has a positive effect on the digestive system, organs of the urogenital system, the general condition of the diabetic. In addition to medical treatment, you can take Diatrivin capsules on the recommendation of an endocrinologist. How to drink a supplement? It is important to follow the instructions, adjust the daily dosage, taking into account the indicators of blood sugar.

Drug diatrivin

Levelcaps and Levelcaps Forte

The drug is recommended for type 1 diabetes (blue lettering on a plastic bottle) and type 2 (information is marked in green). Levelcaps and Forte category are certified names with positive reviews. Important benefits - a complex effect on the body, the elimination of hyperglycemia, increased cell susceptibility to glucose.

NutrIen Standard

The development of Russian experts, food supplement. In pharmacies, there are two types of means Nutren: Steril and Standard with dietary fiber. The supplements include vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats, protein components. Prices: Standard - 570 rubles (350 g), Steril - 380 rubles (1 l).

NutrIen Standard

Urofit forte

On the background of diabetes mellitus often suffer urinary tract. Urofit drops prevent kidney failure, improve tubular patency in bean-shaped organs, reduce the risk of calculus accumulation, alkalize urine. The average cost of drops Urofit - 980 rubles, the volume of the drug - 30 ml.

East Pur

Chinese remedy with a natural base. Positive results in the treatment of pathology type 2. The Chinese drug, like Korean natural remedies for the correction of metabolic disorders, has received many good reviews from diabetics.

East Pur Capsules

It’s not worth believing in everything about advertising: the drug does not completely relieve diabetes, but there is a significant improvement in well-being, normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. The cost must be specified on the official website when ordering the drug.


The original healing product is a seaweed gel. The composition with fucus is well absorbed, lowers the level of sugar, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes carbohydrate metabolism. The development of scientists from the Russian Federation approved by doctors of official medicine. Packing is calculated for 10 days. The cost of a natural product and detailed information about the gel Diabetal is on the official website of the manufacturer.

Drug diabetes


The drug belongs to the group of incretins. An effective antidiabetic agent is manufactured in the USA. The drug is suitable for patients with high body mass index, reduces weight. In Russia, one analogue of Lyraglutide is permitted - the drug Viktoza. The average price is 11,300 rubles.

Analogues of expensive antidiabetic drugs, and how much they cost in pharmacies

Most items belong to the middle and high price segment. There are not very many medications with an acceptable cost and low side effects.

Periodic application of glucose-lowering drugs or the constant receipt of pancreatic hormone and other medicines - a high financial burden on patients. With a shortage of funds it is useful to know which pills can replace expensive medications.

Before consulting with your endocrinologist, it is forbidden to cancel anti-diabetic drugs or replace one type of drug with a cheaper equivalent. It is also impossible to change the form of the drug: injections are always more effective than tablets, not all names quickly lower the level of glucose to acceptable levels.

Glucophage Tablets

Cheap means to prevent hyperglycemia:

  1. Glucophage;
  2. Aktos;
  3. Metformin;
  4. Bagomet;
  5. Diabefarm;
  6. Gliclazide.

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It is important to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in time, contact an endocrinologist. With type 1 disease, insulin injections will have to be given for life. It is easier to treat type 2 pathology, but dieting and the administration of prescribed pills are also required.

The price of drugs for diabetes is always of interest to patients: long-term therapy, it is impossible to miss the use of prescribed antidiabetic drugs. Pharmacies have drugs and dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies of different cost. The choice of first-line drugs, additional names, cheap analogues is coordinated with the endocrinologist.

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