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Celandine in type 2 diabetes: recipes infusions and fees

Celandine is a popular medicinal plant that has long been known for its valuable healing properties. The herb celandine is widely used to treat many serious diseases, but it is particularly effective in helping to combat type 2 diabetes.

Celandine does not have properties that can lower the blood sugar of the patient or increase insulin production. However, it effectively fights the symptoms of diabetes and helps to avoid the development of complications.

This is especially true of serious skin lesions encountered by all patients with diabetes.


Everyone knows that celandine is a poisonous plant, but with proper use it turns into a real healing elixir. The herb celandine has many useful properties, among which the greatest value in the treatment of diabetes are:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Wound healing;
  • Diuretic;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Restoring;
  • Bactericidal;
  • Antispasmodic;
  • Cleansing.

Of particular importance for people suffering from diabetes, has a strong wound-healing property of celandine. Diabetic wounds and cuts are known to heal for a very long time and often become inflamed, turning into purulent ulcers. Celandine herb is one of the few remedies that effectively heals skin damage even with high sugar.

That is why this tool is indispensable in the treatment of such complications of diabetes as a diabetic foot. In this case, the celandine not only helps to heal the ulcers, but also to prevent their inflammation, which can lead to the formation of tissue necrosis and subsequent amputation of the limb.

In addition, due to the ability of celandine to reduce inflammation and improve metabolic processes in the body, it helps to fight inflammatory diseases of the internal organs that develop in a patient on the background of diabetes.

The diuretic property of celandine helps reduce pressure and improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, it normalizes the work of the reproductive system, which often suffers from high blood sugar levels.

The celandine contains alkaloids, which improve the work of the digestive system and effectively fight the pathologies of the gastrointestinal organs. In addition, these substances enhance the production of digestive enzymes, thereby increasing the absorption of nutrients, so necessary for a weakened body of a patient with diabetes.

Celandine juice is rich in antioxidants that protect the body's cells from damage and improve their regeneration.

This is of utmost importance for diabetics, since elevated sugar destroys cell membranes, making them vulnerable to infection.


Celandine in type 2 diabetes can be used both inside and out. But in order to normalize the metabolism and improve the condition of the pancreas, the patient is recommended to drink the juice, infusion and decoction of this medicinal plant.

It is important to remember that they are poisonous, so they can be taken only in strictly limited quantities. There are several recipes of traditional medicine with celandine for the treatment of the second insulin-independent form of diabetes.

  1. Juice celandine. You can use celandine with diabetes mellitus in the simplest and most accessible way - squeeze medical juice out of it. It must be taken three times a day, 1 teaspoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will improve the functioning of the digestive system, increase intestinal motility and reduce inflammation of the internal organs.
  2. Tincture celandine. To prepare the celandine tincture, a fresh or dried plant is placed in a half-liter jar, poured with alcohol or vodka and left to stand in a cool dark place for 14 days. The finished tincture is diluted with vodka in a ratio of 1: 2 and take 1 teaspoonful three times a day with water. Alcohol-containing agents may be harmful to diabetics, so before using the tincture you should consult with your doctor.
  3. Broth celandine. Preparation of broth from celandine helps to obtain an effective, but at the same time the safest drug. To do this, dried or fresh grass celandine must be crushed with a knife, pour water and put on the stove. When the broth boils, it must be removed from the fire and left to cool completely. Ready broth celandine should drink 1 tbsp. spoon three times daily before meals. It is especially good for diabetes type 2, complicated by diseases of the kidneys and digestive organs.
  4. Celandine from diabetic foot. This recipe is very good at treating trophic ulcers on the feet. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a decoction from a fresh or dry plant. Then it needs to be cooled a little until it stops burning the skin. Warm broth should be poured into a small basin, immersed in his sore leg and keep until it is completely cool. This remedy effectively fights ulcers by promoting their speedy healing.

These simple recipes have a pronounced therapeutic effect and help to cope with many of the effects of diabetes, and can also act as a kind of primary prevention of diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes is not recommended to be treated with celandine in the following conditions:

  • Acute gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Constipation;
  • Intestinal dysbiosis;
  • Pregnancy;
  • During the period of breastfeeding;
  • Severe heart disease;
  • Psychosis and other mental illnesses.

Even in the absence of contraindications before using celandine, you should consult with an endocrinologist.


During the treatment with celandine, it is very important not to allow an overdose of the remedy, because this instead of benefit can bring substantial harm to the patient with diabetes. The following signs indicate an overdose of celandine:

Deterioration of the patient's condition, increased symptoms of diabetes;

A marked increase in blood pressure;

Symptoms of food poisoning;

Trouble breathing;

The presence of symptoms of intoxication: severe pain, constant nausea, the urge to vomit;

When external use: skin allergies, redness of the skin, burn.

Therefore, during the treatment with celandine, it is extremely important to observe the prescribed dosage and in no case should it be exceeded. In this case, the celandine will help to significantly improve the condition of the patient, to increase his working capacity, and most importantly to prevent the development of complications. The video in this article is about celandine.

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