Blood glucose meters

Features and advantages of the Ai Chek blood glucose meter

About 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. This is an extremely common disease that medicine can not yet overcome. Considering the fact that even in the times of the Roman Empire, a disease was already described with similar symptoms, this disease exists a long time ago, and scientists approached understanding of the mechanisms of pathology only in the 20th century. A message about the existence of diabetes type 2 and did appear only in the 40s of the last century - the postulate of the existence of the disease belongs to Himsworth.

Science has made, if not a revolution, then a serious, powerful breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, but until now, having lived for almost a fifth of the twenty-first century, scientists do not know how and why the disease develops. While they only indicate the factors that "help" the disease manifest. But diabetics, if they have already made such a diagnosis, certainly should not despair. The disease can be kept under control, especially if there are helpers in this business, for example, blood glucose meters.

Description of glucometer Ai Chek

The Icheck Blood Glucose Meter is a portable instrument designed for blood glucose testing. This is a very simple, convenient from the point of view of navigation gadget.

The principle of the device:

  1. Based technology work on biosensor technology. Oxidation of sugar, which is contained in the blood, is carried out under the action of the enzyme glucose oxidase. This contributes to the occurrence of a certain current strength, which can reveal the glucose content, showing its values ​​on the screen.
  2. Each pack of test bands has a chip that transmits data from the bands themselves to the tester using coding.
  3. Contacts on the strips do not allow the analyzer to get into operation if the indicator strips are inserted incorrectly.
  4. Test strips have a reliable protective layer, because the user can not worry about sensitive touch, not worry about possible inaccurate results.
  5. The control fields of the indicator tapes change color after the required dose of blood is absorbed, and thus the user is informed about the correctness of the analysis.

I must say that Aychek blood glucose meter is quite popular in Russia. And this is also explained by the fact that, as part of the state medical support, people with diabetic disease are given consumables for free to this meter in the clinic. Therefore, specify whether such a system operates in your clinic - if so, then there are even more reasons to get Aychek.

Dignity Tester

Before buying a particular technology, you should find out what advantages it has, why you should buy it. Aychek bioanalyzer has many significant advantages.

10 merits of Aychek glucometer:

  1. Low price for strips;
  2. Lifetime warranty;
  3. Large characters on the screen - the user can see without glasses;
  4. Large two buttons to control - simple navigation;
  5. Memory capacity up to 180 measurements;
  6. Automatic shutdown of the device after 3 minutes of inactive use;
  7. The ability to synchronize data with a PC, smartphone;
  8. Rapid absorption of blood into Aychek test strips is only 1 second;
  9. The possibility of deriving the average value - for a week, two, a month and a quarter;
  10. Compactness of the device.

It is necessary, in fairness, to say about the drawbacks of the device. Conditional minus - data processing time. It is 9 seconds, which loses to most modern glucometers in speed. On average, Ai Chek’s competitors spend 5 seconds interpreting results. But is it such a significant negative - the user decides.

Other technical characteristics of the analyzer

Essential moment of choice can be considered such a criterion as the dosage of blood required for analysis. The owners of blood glucose meters among themselves call some representatives of this technique "vampires", since they require an impressive blood sample to be absorbed by the test strip. 1.3 μl of blood is enough for a tester to make an accurate measurement. Yes, there are analyzers that work with even lower dosage, but this value is also optimal.

Technical characteristics of the tester:

  • The interval of measured values ​​- 1.7 - 41.7 mmol / l;
  • Calibration is performed on whole blood;
  • Electrochemical research method;
  • The coding is carried out with the introduction of a special chip, which is available in each new pack of test strips;
  • The weight of the device is only 50 g.

The package includes the meter itself, the autoclipper, 25 lancets, a chip with a code, 25 indicator strips, a battery, an instruction and a cover. Warranty, once again it is necessary to emphasize, the device does not have, since it is obviously unlimited.

It happens that test strips do not always come bundled, and they need to be purchased separately.

From the day of manufacture, the strips are valid for one and a half years, but if you have already opened the packaging, you cannot use them for more than 3 months.

Carefully store the strips: they should not be exposed to sunlight, low and very high temperatures, moisture.

The price of Aichek glucometer averages 1300-1500 rubles.

How to work with Ai Chek gadget

Virtually any research using a blood glucose meter is carried out in three stages: preparation, blood collection, the measurement process itself. And each stage goes by its rules.

What is preparation? First of all, these are clean hands. Wash them with soap and dry them before the procedure. Then do a quick and easy finger massage. It is necessary to improve blood circulation.

Algorithm for measuring sugar levels:

  1. Enter the code strip into the tester if you have opened a new packing strip;
  2. Insert the lancet into the piercer, select the desired depth of the puncture;
  3. Attach a piercing pen to the fingertip, press the shutter button;
  4. Wipe the first drop of blood with a cotton swab, and the second one close to the indicator field on the strip;
  5. Wait for the measurement results;
  6. Remove the used strip from the device, discard it.

Overdue test strips are not suitable for research - the purity of the experiment with them will not work, all results will be distorted.

Lubricating the finger with an alcohol solution before piercing or not is a controversial issue. On the one hand, this is necessary; every laboratory analysis is accompanied by this action. On the other hand, it is not difficult to overdo it, and you will take more alcohol than you need. It can distort the results of the analysis downward, because such a study would not be reliable.

Free blood glucose meters Ai Chek for pregnant women

Indeed, in some medical institutions, Aychek testers are either given free of charge to certain categories of pregnant women, or they are sold to female consultation patients at a significantly reduced price. Why is that? This program is aimed at preventing gestational diabetes.

Most often this disease manifests itself in the third trimester of pregnancy. Wines of such a pathology - hormonal disruptions in the body. At this time, the pancreas of the expectant mother begins to produce insulin three times more - it is physiologically necessary to maintain an optimal level of sugar. And if the female body does not cope with such a changed volume, then the expectant mother develops gestational diabetes.

Of course, a healthy pregnant woman should not have such a deviation, and a number of factors can provoke it. This is the patient's obesity, and prediabetes (sugar thresholds), and genetic predisposition, and second birth after the birth of a first-born with high body weight. There is also a high risk of developing gestational diabetes in future mothers with diagnosed polyhydramnios.

If the diagnosis is made, expectant mothers should definitely take blood sugar measurements at least 4 times a day. And here a problem arises: not such a small percentage of future mothers, without due seriousness, refer to such recommendations. Quite a few patients are sure: diabetes mellitus will pass on its own after delivery, which means it is not necessary to conduct daily research. “Doctors are reinsured,” say such patients. To reduce this negative trend, many health facilities supply expectant mothers with blood glucose meters, and often these are Aychek blood glucose meters. This helps to enhance the control of the state of patients with gestational diabetes, and the positive dynamics of reducing its complications.

If you have not been given such a device at the clinic (with a diagnosis of gestational diabetes), buy it yourself - the disease can be fraught with serious problems for the health of the mother and baby

How to check the accuracy of Ai Chek

To determine if the meter is lying, you need to take three control measurements in a row. As you understand, the measured values ​​should not differ. If they are completely different, it's a matter of equipment malfunction. At the same time, make sure that the measurement procedure follows the rules. For example, do not measure sugar with your hands, into which you rubbed cream the day before. You also can not conduct a study if you have just come from the cold, and your hands have not warmed up.

If you do not trust such a multiple measurement, do two simultaneous studies: one in the laboratory, the second immediately after leaving the laboratory assistant's meter with a glucometer. Compare the results, they must be commensurate.

User Reviews

What do its owners say about such a gadget? Not biased information can be found on the Internet.

Marina, 27 years old, Voronezh “I am the person who found gestational diabetes in the 33rd week of pregnancy. Under the preferential program, I did not get, because I just went to the pharmacy and bought Aychek for 1100 rubles using a discount card. It is very easy to use, there were no problems at all. After pregnancy, the diagnosis was removed, because I gave the meter to my mother. ”

Yuri, 44, Tyumen »Affordable price, simplest encoding, convenient prokalyvatel. If the strips had been kept longer, there would have been no complaints at all. ”

Galina, 53, Moscow “Very strange lifetime warranty. What does it mean? If it breaks, it’s not accepted at the pharmacy, there’s probably a service center somewhere, but where is it? ”

Glucometer Aychek - one of the most popular sugar meters in the price segment from 1000 to 1700 rubles. This is an easy-to-use tester that needs to be encoded with each new series of strips. The analyzer is calibrated for whole blood. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. The device is easy to navigate, the processing time is 9 seconds. The degree of reliability of the measured indicators is high.

This analyzer is often distributed in medical institutions of Russia at a reduced price or not at all for free. Often certain categories of patients receive free test strips to it. Find out all the detailed information in the clinics of your city.

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