Varieties of lancets for blood glucose meter

Lancets are one of the commonly used diabetic consumables needed to perform glycemic control with a glucometer.

Their use is considered effective, virtually painless and safe, because it is accompanied by minimal risk of infection.

Needles for the meter differ in shape, size, shade and are used in accordance with a specific company piercing. They are designed for one-time use, so patients should figure out how to use them, as well as which device is most convenient to use.

Types of lancets for blood glucose meter

Needles for taking blood from a finger are used to perform glycemic control. Testing is carried out at home or in the laboratory with a glucometer. This method of glucose monitoring is considered the easiest and most painless.

An invasive device kit includes a special device for piercing, which allows you to get the right amount of blood to perform the study. For the collection of material requires thin needles that are pre-installed in the handle.

Main types:

  1. Universal needles. They are suitable for almost all analyzers. Some of the blood glucose meters are equipped with special puncturers that imply the use of only certain needles. Such devices are rare and do not belong to the budget category, popular among the population (for example, Akku Chek Softkliks lancets). The device for obtaining blood can be adjusted by setting the puncture depth appropriate for the patient's age (from 1 to 5 steps on the scale of the regulator). During operation, each person selects the most suitable option for himself.
  2. Automatic lancet. The advantage of such products is the use of the finest needles, with which puncture is carried out without serious consequences. Finger piercing pen allows you to install replaceable lancets. Getting blood occurs by pressing the start button of the product. Many blood glucose meters allow the use of automatic needles, which is a fundamental factor when choosing a device for type 1 diabetics. For example, the TC Contour lancets are activated only at the moment of contact with the skin, thereby minimizing the risk of infection.
  3. Lancets for children. They fall into a separate category. Their cost is higher than for ordinary products. The devices are equipped with a very sharp and thin needle, so the blood is drawn quickly and completely without pain, which is important for young patients.

How often to change scarifiers?

People who do not know how many times the lancet can be used should remember that such a consumable is disposable and must be replaced after the test is completed. This rule applies to all types of needles and is indicated in the instructions for blood glucose meters from various manufacturers.

The reasons for which you can not repeatedly use needles:

  1. The need for a regular change is associated with a high risk of infection in the event of repeated use, because after a puncture, pathogens can enter the needle point and enter the blood.
  2. Automatic needles designed for punctures are equipped with special protection, which makes it impossible to reuse them. Such consumables are considered the most reliable.
  3. Frequent use leads to a blunt needle, so a repeated puncture for blood sampling will be painful and can severely injure the skin.
  4. The presence on the lancet after testing traces of blood can cause the development of microorganisms that, in addition to the risk of infection, can distort the measurement results.

Repeated use of a consumable is allowed only in cases where the glycemic level monitoring is planned to be carried out several times within one day.

Current prices and operating rules

The price of the package depends on several factors:

  • the number of needles that enter it;
  • manufacturer;
  • quality;
  • availability of additional features.

Universal needles are considered cheap products, which explains their high popularity. They are sold in any pharmacy and in almost every specialty store. The cost of the minimum package varies from 400 to 500 rubles, sometimes higher. Maximum prices for all consumables are available in round-the-clock pharmacies.

The piercer for the meter is most often included in the kit for the device, so when buying needles, priority is mainly given to the corresponding consumables.

Rules of operation:

  1. After each measurement, it is important to change the needle in the meter. Doctors and manufacturers of consumables do not recommend using a reused product. If the patient does not have the opportunity to replace him, then with repeated testing the puncture with the same needle should be performed by the same person. This is due to the fact that such consumables are individual means of glycemic control.
  2. Puncture devices should be stored only in dry and dark places. It is recommended to maintain an optimum level of humidity in the room where the measurement kit is located.
  3. After testing, the used scarifier needle should be recycled.
  4. Patient's hands should be thoroughly washed and dried before each measurement.

Algorithm for testing by Accu-Chek Softclix:

  1. Remove the needle shield cap from the handle.
  2. Set the piercer holder all the way until a characteristic click occurs.
  3. Remove the cap from the lancet.
  4. Replace the protective cap from the handle body, making sure that the notch on the device matches the center of the notch located on the moving needle removal center.
  5. Select the depth of the puncture and fix it.
  6. Bring the handle to the surface of the skin, press the shutter button to puncture.
  7. Remove the cap from the device so that the used needle can be removed and disposed of unhindered.

Video tutorial on the use of the piercer:

Quality is the main point to which attention is drawn in the process of glycemic control. Any negligent attitude to the measurements taken increases the risk of infection and the occurrence of complications. The accuracy of the result depends on the adjustment made to the diet and the doses of drugs taken.

Famous models

The main brands in demand in the market of scarifiers are the following models:

  1. Lancets Mikrolet. Products are made specifically for work with the Kontur TS meter. The handle is made of medical steel, the hallmark of which is reliability and safety in use. Products are sterile thanks to the available caps for protection. The needles for this device are universal, therefore they are suitable for the glucometer Satellite Express, Aychek and other low-end models.
  2. Medlant Plus. Products are well suited for testing with modern analyzers that work with a small amount of blood. The depth of invasion, which is provided by the device, is 1.5 mm. Blood sampling is performed by tightly attaching the device to the skin surface on the finger, and it is automatically included in the process. Lancets sold under this brand are distinguished by color coding, which makes it possible to choose a volume for their skin thickness. Absolutely any part of the body is suitable for analysis.
  3. Accu check. Products are manufactured by a Russian manufacturer and are suitable for various models of devices. All types of lancets are treated with silicone, which ensures sterility and safety testing.
  4. IME-DC. This type of configuration is present in almost all automatic counterparts. These are lancets of the minimum allowable diameter, which is convenient for performing glycemic testing in babies. Products are made in Germany. They have a lance-like sharpening, cross-shaped base, and the main production material is medical durable steel.
  5. Prolance. Products of the Chinese company are made in the form of 6 different models, differing in thickness and depth of puncture. Sterile conditions for performing the analysis are provided by the installed protective cap on each needle.
  6. Droplet. Lancets can be used not only with various devices, but also independently. The needle is closed from the outside with a polymer capsule, made of special polished steel by a Polish company. Model not compatible with Accu Chek Softclix.
  7. One touch. This company is developing a needle for the meter Van Tach select. They belong to the category of universal consumables, so they can also be used with other handles designed to puncture the surface of the skin (for example, Satellite Plus, Microrol, Satellite Express).

It is important to understand that measuring at home should be carried out with special attention, compliance with all recommendations and responsibility. These rules apply to all varieties of blood glucose meters and consumables necessary for research.

The results obtained allow us to understand the changes in the level of glycemia, to analyze the causes that led to deviations of data from the norm. Otherwise, the wrong actions can distort the indicator and give the wrong values ‚Äč‚Äčthat could complicate the patient's therapy.

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