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Fit Parad sweetener (Fit Parad) - properties and composition

The predominance of a large amount of sweets in the diet adversely affects health. Sugar substitutes make it possible to avoid such problems.

Thanks to the useful components that are present in the composition, these tools are used not only for diabetes, but also for other diseases.

Among a large variety of sweeteners, many people prefer a product such as Fit Parade.

The composition of the sweetener Fit Parad

"Fit Parade" contains only natural ingredients, so its use is justified and safe. Despite this, a sugar substitute should be used after prior consultation with a doctor, as well as studying the main components.

The tool is produced in the form of a crystalline powder, resembling in appearance the usual refined sugar.

Packaging options:

  • portion sachets with a weight of 1 g (total amount 60 g);
  • package with measuring spoon inside;
  • plastic can.


  • erythritol;
  • rosehip extract;
  • stevizoid;
  • sucralose.


The component is part of many foods, including fruit, grapes, legumes, and even soy sauce.

Erythritol is considered a polyol and is a sugary alcohol group. In industrial production, this substance is obtained from products containing starch, for example, tapioca, corn.

Component benefits:

  1. Does not change its properties in conditions of high temperature, which can reach up to 2000.
  2. It is similar to real sugar in its effects on taste buds.
  3. At the time of its use there is the same cool effect as candy with menthol.
  4. Prevents the appearance of caries due to such quality as the ability to maintain a normal alkaline environment in the mouth.
  5. Not absorbed by the body, so when it is used, you can not worry about weight gain.
  6. Permitted to use diabetics, since it is not a carbohydrate-containing product.
  7. It has zero calories.

Among all the advantages of a component, its disadvantages cannot go unnoticed:

  • this substance is not as sweet as usual sugar, so much more sugar substitutes are required to get the usual taste;
  • excess consumption increases the risk of a laxative effect.


This component is derived from sugar, obtained in the process of chemical processing. Its second name is food supplement E955.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer indicates on the package that sucralose is derived from sugar, its production includes 5-6 stages, during which a change in the molecular structure is observed. The component is not a natural substance because it does not occur in the natural environment.

Sucralose cannot be absorbed by the body, therefore it is excreted by the kidneys in its original form.

Reliable medical information about the possible harm from the use of the component is not available, so it should be added to the diet with extreme caution.

In the West, this element has been used for a very long time and no side effects have yet arisen from its use. The concerns associated with it are most often explained by the vigilance towards its unnaturalness.

In the reviews of the sweetener, some side effects are noted, which are expressed in headache, skin rashes, and urinary disorders.

Despite the lack of evidence about the negative impact of the component, it is recommended to include it in the diet in minimal quantities. The Fitparad sweetener is considered harmless due to the low content of this substance.

Stevioside (stevia)

This component is considered to be one of the most popular sweeteners of natural origin. It has a low energy value - only 0.2 calories are contained in 1 year.

According to tests conducted in the United States, stevioside was recognized by the US Department of Food Quality Control as a safe substitute for regular sugar.

There are several drugs that should not be combined with the intake of this substance.

These include all drugs with the following pharmacodynamic properties:

  • stabilization of lithium levels;
  • normalization of pressure;
  • lower blood sugar concentration.

Taking Stevioside can lead to the following sensations:

  • nausea;
  • muscle pain;
  • bloating in the stomach;
  • dizziness.

Stevioside is not allowed to be used by pregnant women or mothers during lactation in order to prevent negative effects on the child. The use of this substance is allowed in diabetes, because it does not have a glycemic index. The component is great for people seeking to reduce the number of calories in their diet.

Rose Hip Extract

This component is a natural product. It is used in the manufacture and manufacture of medicines, some food products and cosmetics.

The extract contains a large amount of vitamin C, which increases the risk of allergic reactions or causes heartburn.

Benefits and harm of sugar substitute

"Fit parade" has the following advantages:

  • all substances included in its composition are authorized for use;
  • does not cause an increase in glycemia;
  • replaces sugar, allowing diabetics not to completely rule out sweetness.

Despite the low calorie content of the product, people should limit the amount of sugary foods in their diets. The ideal option is considered a gradual abandonment of them, implying the preservation of the menu only fruit.

Advantages of sugar substitute:

  1. It has a taste similar to regular sugar..
  2. It is successfully used in the baking process due to its ability to maintain properties at elevated temperatures.
  3. Allows the person to cope with the existing need for sugar. A few months of consumption of a substitute lead to a weakening of this habit, and then a complete rejection of it. According to experts, some people need two years to achieve this result.
  4. A substitute can be purchased at almost every pharmacy or hypermarket. The price is affordable, so the tool is quite popular.
  5. It is a useful product for people who want to get rid of extra pounds.
  6. Harmless and low-calorie product.
  7. Promotes calcium absorption. This is due to the presence of inulin in the substitute.
  8. Meets all the requirements of quality and production.


  • a substitute can cause complications if it is used in combination with therapy with the previously listed drugs;
  • may adversely affect human health in the presence of intolerance to its constituent components;
  • not a completely natural product.

The benefits of the product will be noticeable only when used properly. The dosage allowed for admission per day should not exceed 46 g.

Increasing the amount of substitute in the diet can have a negative impact on health and cause side effects. It is important to remember that the use of funds in their original form and without the addition of other products, as well as on an empty stomach can impair the functioning of the intestines or other organs.

The ideal option is to receive a substitute with a liquid that will allow:

  • normalize glucose (this may take time);
  • increase carbohydrate metabolism.

Thus, the use of sakhzam according to the listed recommendations may lead to improved health of people with diabetes.


The use of a sweetener can have a negative impact on the following groups of people:

  • pregnant women;
  • mothers during breastfeeding;
  • elderly patients (over 60 years);
  • children (under 16);
  • patients with an increased tendency to develop allergic reactions.

Failure to follow the instructions for use attached to the product may cause an overdose.

Types of mixtures

The choice of a sweetener should be based on the following important points:

  • buy better in specialized stores;
  • examine before buying the list of its components;
  • be wary of products that have a suspiciously low cost.

Mix options:

  1. No. 1 - contains extract from Jerusalem artichoke. The product is 5 times sweeter than usual sugar.
  2. No. 7 - the mixture is similar to the previous type of product, but does not contain extract.
  3. No. 9 - differs in a variety of the structure which even includes lactose, silicon dioxide.
  4. No. 10 - is 10 times sweeter than regular sugar and contains an extract of Jerusalem artichoke.
  5. No. 14 - means similar to number 10, but does not have an extract from Jerusalem artichoke in its composition.

Purchase the mixture should be based on medical recommendations.

Video review of the sweetener line:

Opinion of experts

Doctors reviews about the Fit Parade sweetener are mostly positive. Everybody notes its benefit for diabetics who find it difficult to give up sweets right away (many people have depression and nervous disorders on this basis) - it is much easier to do this with a sweetener.

"Fit Parade" is recognized as an innovative sugar substitute belonging to the highest class. The production of a substance is carried out in terms of the use of scientific advances and the latest technology. Due to meeting all the requirements of control and quality, this sugar substitute is recommended for people with diabetes in order to improve their quality of life.

Svetlana, endocrinologist

The Fit Parade sugar substitute is effective in use if the patient decides to lose weight. The lack of calories in this product allows people with diabetes to actively use it.

Petr Alekseevich, nutritionist

"Fit Parade" often recommend their patients who can not immediately abandon the use of sugar. This problem occurs in people with diabetes and overweight. Sakhzam for these categories of people is simply irreplaceable, since it is very difficult for them to limit themselves to sweets and completely eliminate them. "Fit parade" may be present in small quantities in the daily diet of many people. I strongly recommend not to abuse sweets, as well as sugar substitute to avoid complications.

Alexandra, doctor

The price of a Fit Parad depends on its type and weight and can be from 140 to 560 rubles.

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