Diabetes Diet

Products that burn fat, promote rapid weight loss

Before you start talking about weight loss and diets, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of gaining extra pounds. After all, not always the whole thing solely in the diet. The problem of excess weight is a complex problem that stands on several "whales".

A person gains extra weight mainly for two reasons:

  • When overeating, even if it is a dietary product;
  • With regular consumption of fatty, high-calorie foods.

Physical activity, hereditary predisposition and many other factors also play their part. For example, in diabetes patients gain weight due to metabolic disorders and hormonal levels. But if we talk about nutrition, then these are the reasons contribute to the deposition of fat.

How to find a middle ground? Is it possible to get enough to fill up and not get fat, but lose weight, or at least keep the weight? Yes, nutritionists say, if you include in the diet products that burn fats.

Eating them, you can not deny yourself anything, enjoying your favorite treats, and not worry about the fat folds.

Rules for rapid weight loss using special products

Proper weight loss, especially in chronic diseases such as diabetes, plays a big role in the overall health of a person. Obesity is very bad for the work of almost all internal organs:

  1. Hearts and circulatory system.
  2. Stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines.
  3. Musculoskeletal system.

Excess weight appears if the amount of calories received will exceed the amount spent on various life processes. With a balanced diet and a fairly active lifestyle balance is not disturbed.

Calories are burned, without being postponed, a person does not get fat, and does not lose weight. To think about what and how much he ate, he does not need. But if there is an extra crease on the stomach, most people refuse products that can cause excessive kilograms - flour, sweet, fat and fried, in the first place.

This approach is not quite right for losing weight. Naturally, the use of high-calorie food is recommended to minimize. But this alone is not enough for effective weight loss.

Tip: in diabetes, even those who do not want to lose weight, you have to count calories and diet. However, those extra pounds do not go away. A good effect can be achieved if you do not just limit the amount of junk food, but add to the diet those foods that will speed up metabolism and promote the breakdown of fats.

Calories must be burned - exercise is necessary. Otherwise, the digestive system will experience constant stress.

At first she had to cope with the extra calories from food, and now she will have to expend them. All this leads to premature wear of the digestive tract.

Losing weight is safe, does not harm the patient’s physical health, does not cause depression or nervous breakdowns, so that pounds dropped with such tremendous efforts do not come back again, both diet and sufficient physical activity are necessary.

What you need to eat for losing weight and burning calories

The principle of losing weight through dietary adjustment is simple: the loads that naturally consume calories are the same. But there are already less of them. Thus, the body has nothing left but to spend its resources.

There are no foods with zero calories - you need to remember this immediately. there are those that contain very little of them. It is on them and you should pay attention when you need to adjust the weight in diabetes.

Therefore, for guaranteed weight loss, it is important not to reduce portions and give up tasty, but simply to replace products with those that are called "fat burners". Then the stomach will feel comfortable, getting enough food and working in a familiar rhythm, and the weight will not increase.

So, what foods contain a minimum of calories, burn fat and must enter the menu of all whose purpose - losing weight?

  1. Vegetables. These are any varieties of cabbage, carrot, beet, turnip, pumpkin, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, various greens.
  2. Fruits. Apples, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons, citrus fruits, wild berries.

Root vegetables - carrots, beets, etc. - contain carbohydrates. But at the same time they are rich in fiber, and this is the substance that contributes to the planned consumption of calories and burning fat, cleansing the intestines and getting rid of toxins. From vegetables it is best to cook a variety of salads.

Tip: Salads need to be filled with vegetable oil, not mayonnaise, otherwise the effect will be reduced to zero. You can use low-fat yogurt, lemon juice or mustard.

Green tea is not only a powerful antioxidant, but also a fat burner. In order to absorb one cup of this drink, the body needs to spend as much as 60 calories. In other words, drinking a portion of green tea automatically without any effort on the part of the patient, leaves 60 calories.


Water is very useful - in itself, it does not break down fats. But participates in metabolic processes, washes away slags from the intestines. There are no calories in it, if it is clean and without additives. In addition, water fills the stomach, contributing to the feeling of satiety.

In the process of losing weight in diabetes mellitus, salt is as harmful as sugar ... This substance contributes to fluid retention in the body, which means swelling and extra pounds, impaired heart, kidney, and liver function. Therefore, salt should be discarded, if it turns out - completely. An interesting reader may be a low-calorie diet for diabetes, which will allow you to lose weight properly.

Thus, adjusting the list of products consumed, losing weight will be quite effective, and without stress. Most nutritionists say that this way of eating for a long time is harmful to the body - after all, it needs fats and carbohydrates for normal metabolic processes.

Ideally, stick to a low-calorie diet for a few months, then go back to normal. Low-calorie foods with the need to replace those that burn fat.

Metabolism accelerating substances

Accelerated metabolism promotes fat burning for weight loss. Certain hormones that are produced by the thyroid, pituitary, and pancreas are responsible for this. Not surprisingly, in diabetes mellitus, when hormone production is disturbed, metabolic processes slow down.

When this disease is more than ever, it is necessary to include in the diet products containing those substances that will stimulate the synthesis of hormones that speed up metabolism. It:

  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • Magnesium, taurine and iodine;
  • Amino Acids and Vitamin C.

In particular, the hormone leptin is responsible for whether fat is burned or stored. Its synthesis contributes to the use of mackerel, tuna, cod, herring, salmon, seaweed and olive oil. Additionally, you can buy drugs at the pharmacy that contain fish oil and iodine.

Without being carried away by flour and sweet, moving and using the listed products daily enough, in two months, even without starvation, you can reduce the weight by 2-3 kilograms.

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