Diabetes complications

Constipation in type 2 diabetes: home treatment

Each of the diabetics knows firsthand what the problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas in particular are. Quite often, a patient with this disease can torment constipation, delivering a lot of discomfort.

What are the causes of constipation?

In diabetes, problems with stool may occur as a result of non-compliance with the recommended diet. If you do not take the necessary measures and do not treat constipation, it is fraught with not only negative consequences, but even death. In view of this, it is necessary to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

If the intestine and liver are not promptly and efficiently cleaned, then pathogenic processes will occur:

  • all consumed food will decompose;
  • toxins will begin.

At the subsequent stages, there will be an extremely serious imbalance that can lead to the mass death of absolutely all the beneficial bacteria. They can not be restored by any means, even the most powerful. For this reason, should be engaged in a comprehensive cleansing of the body.

If you only clean the intestines, for example, using a laxative, the effect will be short-lived, although effective at first glance, but the constipation of dreams will return.

This lack of effectiveness makes it possible to say that the rest of the organs that are close to the intestines, will give part of their slags. As a result of this process, the organ will again be filled.

Only timely and adequate treatment can be a measure to relieve constipation!

It is imperative to pursue the kidneys, liver and other organs important for the digestion.

How to start the treatment?

In addition to a balanced diet and a visit to the doctor, an excellent preventive measure that can be applied at home will be the introduction of new habits. These include the use of a glass of clean water immediately after waking up. It is water on an empty stomach that will help disperse the metabolism in the body.

It is noteworthy that such a good habit will be extremely effective not only in diabetes.

Excellent results can be achieved if you take every morning and a tablespoon of vegetable oil, the best olive oil. Such a measure will help to avoid many problems with the stool, as well as affect constipation. In addition, the digestion process will quickly improve.

Doctors recommend using another equally effective method. It provides for the use of half a glass of warm pickle sauerkraut. It is important that it is just warm, not hot.

Such a remedy will work as a laxative and will help speed up the process of defecation.

Well eliminate constipation also the following method of treatment. It involves the use of prunes. On this day it is necessary:

  1. take as many product pieces and thoroughly soak in water;
  2. fill it with a glass of cold purified water;
  3. insist for 12 hours.

It is best to leave prunes in water all night.

As soon as the fruits are infused, they will need to be squeezed out well, and the resulting drug should be drunk on an empty stomach. It is important to note that applying this method of purification too often will be the wrong decision, because the maximum result can be achieved only if different methods are alternated.

An adequate and correct solution would be to contact a doctor who will help you choose the most effective way to cleanse the body. The doctor may advise the use of special tinctures, which can be easily prepared by anyone at home.

Technology of preparation of infusions against constipation

A strong laxative for diabetics will be infusion based on rowan berries. For its preparation it is necessary:

  • collect fresh rowan berries (it will be just perfect if you make it before the first frost);
  • prepare a large jar and fill it with berries alternately with sugar substitute (to the very top of the container);
  • tie the neck of the jar with sterile medical gauze and cut it out in the sun (this is mandatory);
  • as soon as the berries give juice, then it will produce a good syrup, necessary for the treatment;
  • jar rearranged in a cool dark place for three weeks.

It is very important to inspect the jar and its contents daily. In no case should fermentation be prevented, otherwise the tincture will lose its healing qualities, and it will not be able to treat constipation in diabetes.

As soon as the mountain ash berries insist, they should be pressed. The resulting extract will need to ferment, and then pour into it medical alcohol or regular vodka without flavorings and flavors. The main thing is not to overdo it, alcohol in diabetes is possible, but as a preventive measure.

Calculate proportions will be quite simple. For every 50 g of tincture add 1 liter of vodka.

Eat this remedy should be every morning in a tablespoon and always on an empty stomach.

If diabetics have constipation of chronic type, then to solve such a rather delicate problem, you can use tincture prepared on the basis of flaxseed. This product can be found in the free sale in the pharmacy chain or a supermarket, plus flax seed in diabetes is a completely authorized product!

Dessert spoonful of seeds must be poured over 250 ml of boiling water and infused for 5 hours. Accept means before the patient goes to sleep.

This simple medicine can be used for diabetes mellitus of any type of flow. It will help to get rid of problems with the chair.

Tinctures will be an effective control measure for patients of absolutely any age, weight, and also gender.

Finally, you should once again insist that you should not engage in self-medication. If a person suffers from diabetes and is suffering from constipation, then it is important to start with a doctor for a consultation, and then proceed to the recipes of traditional medicine.

We should not forget about a healthy way of life and a balanced diet. Only in this combination can we expect a positive trend from tincture therapy.

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