Diabetes Diet

Can shrimp with type 2 diabetes?

Nutritionists and endocrinologists note the benefits in diabetes of various types of fish. This product is also capable of preventing cardiovascular diseases. Doctors recommend diabetes mellitus due to the presence of a large amount of vitamins and trace elements and a low glycemic index.

The medical menu can be easily diversified with various dishes with shrimps. They contain a lot of protein and healthy fats. Based on a small amount of calories in this product, it can be recommended for type 2 diabetes, which is associated with overweight problems.

For a person with diabetes, low-fat varieties of river and sea fish, greens and sour fruits will also be useful.

General rules for choosing fish

For diets number 8 and 9, which need to follow with hyperglycemia, it is recommended to use only low-fat varieties of fish, preferring the inhabitants of the sea. This is because diabetes of the second type is often accompanied by obesity.

In diabetes, it is extremely important to control your weight, and if there is obesity, you should fight it.

In order to maintain the normal state of the body in case of pathology, you need to follow these rules:

  • consume enough protein
  • monitor the amount of fat consumed.

Extra pounds in diabetes are very dangerous because they provoke heart pathologies, problems with vascular tone and vascular structure. The risk of heart attack and stroke increases.

When this disease is prohibited the use of salted fish. Salt provokes swelling, which lead to:

  1. fatigue
  2. decrease in working capacity
  3. varicose veins.

It is especially important to abandon salted fish during pregnancy, since edema can cause preeclampsia, which has a negative effect on the development of the fetus and its condition.

Due to the high caloric content, you should avoid taking canned food, especially with a lot of oil. Due to high-calorie meals, weight is gained, which is unacceptable with pre-diabetes and any other types of diabetes.

Excess weight always aggravates diabetes and affects the appearance of abnormalities of the digestive system. Smoked fish is unacceptable for a diabetic because it is a source of low-density lipoproteins due to its cooking method.

To the question whether it is possible to eat fish caviar, the answer will be rather positive. However, it is necessary to monitor the amount of consumed product.

It is better to dwell on salmon, their caviar is saturated with healthy fish oil and a complex of vitamins. In the right dosages, fish oil helps lower blood sugar and lose weight.

With diabetes mellitus type 2 and 1, seafood can be:

  • put out
  • cook
  • steam,
  • bake in the oven.

Fried foods are undesirable because the product loses its beneficial properties and becomes a source of unhealthy fats and cholesterol.

Benefit and harm of shrimp in diabetes

Shrimps update the reserves of iodine in the body, it is necessary for the normal functioning of organs and systems. The product has the function of cleaning the body from food debris and slag, its ability to saturate with the highest quality protein is also known.

Due to the presence of carbohydrates and other similar substances, the diabetic's body successfully digests the shrimp. It must be remembered that they include the minerals and trace elements needed by the body weakened by the disease.

Shrimps with type 1 or type 2 diabetes do not need to be consumed in large quantities. Allowed no more than 100 grams of product per day. It is also noted that it is undesirable to use shrimp more than three times a month, because they have cholesterol and minerals that accumulate in the body, forming complex compounds that can lead to conflict with certain drugs.

Shrimp Cooking

Diabetics can choose from a variety of different methods of cooking shrimp. One of the popular options are shrimps with vegetables.

For cooking, chop the zucchini and onion, stew them in a skillet, and add a teaspoon of mustard seeds to the mass. Next, add 100 g of broth to vegetables and boil everything on low heat for about five minutes.

Then, in a dry skillet, fry a small flour bed and add it to vegetable broth. After poured there, 500 g of sour milk, dill, 150 g of peeled shrimp and spices to taste. The mass must be brought to a boil. Serve with boiled potatoes.

Shrimp salad is also recommended for diabetics. It can be included in the holiday menu for diabetics.

To prepare the salad you need to wash 100 g of shrimp and boil until tender. Lettuce leaves that can be torn by hand should be put in the container for a dish on the bottom.

Tomatoes and cucumbers in the amount of 100 g are stacked on top. Next, add two diced eggs and carrots. 200 g of boiled cauliflower, previously divided into inflorescences, are laid on top. Salad can be decorated with greens, peas and sprinkled with lemon juice. The dish is served with sour cream or kefir.

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