Preparations Evalar from cholesterol: review, instructions, prices

The issue of treatment of high cholesterol is very relevant, because it can cause many serious diseases. The substance itself is useful and even necessary for the normal functioning of the body. The bottom line is that elevated levels contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol plaques, which eventually clog up the lumen of blood vessels.

That is why the search for an optimal drug that helps to overcome this phenomenon without side effects has become important. The most popular are dietary supplements. This concept is already widely known throughout the world, and their ability to lower cholesterol has been proven by experts. The most effective, according to reviews, biological additives is a drug company Evalar of cholesterol.

Products of this brand has established itself as a high-quality and effective means to strengthen the whole body. In order to deal with the effectiveness of such supplements, you need to understand the whole mechanism of action and which drugs of this brand most positively affect the level of cholesterol. Deciding on taking supplements, you need to be prepared for long-term treatment, and, besides, they can cope with plaques only in the early stages. Usually, the additive is used in combination with other methods of therapy.

The advantage of additives is that they consist of plants and other natural raw materials.

They are able to exert influence after a long course of treatment, but it will be as long as possible, due to the accumulation of substances in the body.

Such an effect has a mild effect, without aggressive influence.

Special additives to normalize the level of fats strengthen the extracellular membrane, increase elasticity and strengthen blood vessels. Also, dietary supplements balance the elements of the blood, remove the existing deposits of harmful fats on the walls and completely remove it from the body, increase the stimulation of cellular processes, prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the vessels by preventing the stomach from absorbing substances that contribute to this.

They are also often used as a prophylactic agent. For greater effectiveness, you need to consult a doctor. Specialist prompts individual dosage. In addition to taking the drug, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. proper nutrition;
  2. healthy lifestyle with regular exercise;
  3. monitor body weight, because obesity is the trigger for plaque;
  4. regular medical examination to monitor the necessary indicators

If you follow the recommendations of the doctors, soon the patient will forget about high cholesterol. The natural basis will help gently and without the risk of removing excess animal fats from the body. Despite the effectiveness, the reception must be approved by the attending physician.

BAA is used even when the treatment of such tasks:

  • To tone the cardiovascular system.
  • Accelerate the process of regeneration in the tissues of the walls of blood vessels.
  • Enrich the blood vessels and tissues with essential microelements and vitamins, which are not enough in the diet.

This method of treatment is suitable for restoring liver function and ridding the body of harmful substances, as well as the prevention of atherosclerosis and its consequences.

Preparations of this category are produced mainly in the form of a powder, soluble in water, alcohol solution and capsules. The consumer will be able to choose for themselves the optimal form of release, for convenience. The most popular are the capsular form, this is due to the minimal likelihood of side effects.

Each medicine of this type has a similar, and sometimes identical, instructions for use. Consider the algorithm of use can be on the example of the most popular drugs: Chitosan, Ateroclefit and Ateroclefit Bio.

Chitosan should be used only on prescription, 2 tablets a day, 2 tablets. Reception is held during the month, after which a 10-day break is taken. After a pause, you should repeat the treatment.

Ateroclefit and Ateroclefit Bio preparations differ in the form of release. Ateroclefit comes in the form of tincture and can cause some side effects, and Ateroclefit Bio in capsules does not cause any side effects. For the treatment to be effective, you need to adhere to the following admission algorithm:

  1. Capsules should be taken during the month, one piece twice a day. After a month of treatment, you need to be examined to find out the dynamics of the development of treatment. Then you should repeat the therapy, or start taking the supplement as a prophylactic agent.
  2. Tincture is taken from 20 to 30 drops three times a day for several weeks. After that, the patient should take a break for a week. After the break, you can repeat the course of therapy, or reduce the amount consumed.

Despite their naturalness and harmlessness, there are a number of contraindications. It should be remembered that before using dietary supplements, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination and eliminate the phenomena that prohibit their admission. Otherwise, there will be a number of complications. To contraindications experts include:

  • Diseases of the brain and nervous system.
  • The presence of head injuries and their consequences.
  • Impaired liver function.
  • Malignant neoplasms.
  • The presence of pathologies of the kidneys.
  • Acute phase of chronic diseases.
  • The presence of a patient with HIV infection and AIDS.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding women.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction, alcoholic pancreatitis.
  • Early age.
  • Oncological diseases at any stage of development.

The presence of such phenomena should serve as a refusal to receive dietary supplements.

There are several of the most effective drugs, the effectiveness of which has been proven by more than one recall and research.

Products Evalar from cholesterol is the most popular, because it practically does not cause allergies and side effects.

The advantages can be attributed, and affordable price, which allows you to purchase the additive to everyone.

Among the products from cholesterol, two dietary supplements help: Chitosan and Ateroclefit Bio, Ateroclefit.

  1. Chitosan helps to overcome excess weight by minimizing the risks for blood vessels and the heart. It regulates lipid metabolism, dissolves plaques, helps normalize the process of peristalsis, prevents the absorption of animal fats. Despite its effectiveness in reducing cholesterol, it cannot be consumed by people with low weight, as it contributes to weight loss. The cost of the drug in the Russian Federation is 396 rubles.
  2. Ateroclefit from cholesterol and Ateroclephyte Bio is intended for patients with atherosclerosis. The composition contains: hawthorn extract, clover extract, Vitamin C. The drug is intended for the recovery of blood vessels and differ only in the form of release. The price of the drug on the territory of Russia starts from 227 rubles.

On the body, this additive has the following effect:

  • thins the blood;
  • dissolves plaques and prevents the appearance of new ones;
  • speeds up the metabolism;
  • tones all tissues, organs;
  • restores blood vessels;
  • normalizes pressure by removing edema inside the tissues, the conclusion of the stagnation of liquids.

Any use of dietary supplements must be agreed with your doctor.

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