Diabetes Diet

Lentils with diabetes

Diet for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus has its own characteristics. Patients often have an increased body weight and restrictions apply to a large number of products. Since ancient times, leguminous crops have replaced human animals with squirrels in a hot climate and served as a source of energy and nutrients. Is it possible to eat lentil endocrinological patients? How tasty and properly cooked?

Family of Legumes

There is an interesting fact of the origin of the word "lentils". Its grains resemble small rounded optical lenses with almost sharp edges. Due to their form, they received the Latin name. The word transformed over time, as it came to the Russian language through Asian countries, where culture was grown. A heat-loving plant tolerates drought more easily than frost.

Representatives of the legume family (beans, peas, lentils) are rich in:

  • vegetable proteins;
  • B vitamins;
  • mineral salts with trace elements;
  • organic acids.
Lentil is useful for diabetics, its substances are active participants of metabolic processes in the body. They create an optimal internal environment that can withstand adverse effects. Complex chemical compounds, entering the body with food, contribute to the efficiency, block the formation of harmful toxins.

Trace elements (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon), present in lentils, give the cells elasticity and strength. Ballast substances in its composition gently and gently cleanse the intestinal sections of toxins.

For cooking it is better to take a lentil of the same variety. Product types have different cooking times. It may happen that some grains will not be ready for consumption, they will remain damp, while others will be digested at this time. Culinary lentil dishes are allowed to eat the weakened patients. The technology of their preparation is simple.

The color of the grain depends on the variety (red, green, French)

Lentil Diet

Soups are a necessary part of the diet. They are part of the lunch. The main indicative feature of any soup is its freshness. According to the method of preparation, they are different (mashed, filling, hot, cold). Broths form the basis of the soup; for this, meat, vegetables, mushrooms and fish are used.

Lentil pickle

In the finished meat broth put the grain and bring to a boil. Boil for 5-7 minutes, add finely chopped potatoes. Paste carrots, parsnips and finely chopped onions in a cream oil.

Peel pickles and seeds, cut into cubes. It is better to pre-drink them in a small amount of broth, adding tomato juice. All combine and cook until tender. Use spices (allspice, bay leaf). Before serving, put chopped greens.

Can I eat beans in type 2 diabetes
  • Lentils - 40 g, 124 kcal;
  • potatoes - 200 g, 166 kcal;
  • carrots - 70 g, 23 kcal;
  • Onions - 80 g, 34 kcal;
  • parsnip - 50 g, 23 kcal;
  • pickles - 100 g, 19 kcal;
  • tomato juice - 100 g, 18 kcal;
  • butter - 40 g, 299 kcal.

One portion of the 6 is 0.9 XE or 103 kcal. Lentils, potatoes and tomato juice represent the carbohydrate arsenal of the dish. With type 2 diabetes, fats and oils can be reduced.

Recipes for main dishes are versatile, they are served for breakfast and dinner.

Chicken with garnish

Chicken fillet cut into pieces. Lightly fry them in vegetable oil. Put in a ceramic pot, add a little water and put in the oven to stew. Lentils sort out and rinse well. Pour boiling water and cook for 12-15 minutes.

Boil dark varieties for 5 minutes, then drain the colored solution. Again, pour water, salt and keep on low heat until ready. Then do not open the same side for the same amount of time, it is important to allow the grain to be pressed.

  • Lentils - 250 g, 775 kcal;
  • chicken fillet - 500 g, 825 kcal;
  • vegetable oil - 34 g, 306 kcal.

Put the porridge on the dish, spread the top chicken ready. Sprinkle with finely chopped dill and parsley. The dish is designed for 6 servings, one is 1.9 XE or 317 kcal.

Kaleidoscope of lentil dishes

Lentils with type 2 diabetes are a great alternative to high-calorie cereals and pasta. 100 g of the product contain 310 kcal. While:

  • pearl barley - 324 kcal;
  • buckwheat - 329 kcal;
  • millet - 334 kcal;
  • oat - 345 kcal;
  • pasta - 336 kcal.

Lentils, supplemented with fats and fiber, will not contribute to the rapid jump of blood glucose in diabetes.

By adding different meat and vegetable products to lentils, you can cook many different dishes.

Kaleidoscope of lentil dishes.

  1. Lentils with mushrooms and onions. For 1 serving - 8 g of dried porcini mushrooms, 30 g of onion, 10 g of vegetable oil. Soak the mushrooms, then boil them in salted water. Separately cook lentils. Thinly boiled mushrooms and onions. Fry them in vegetable oil and add to the garnish. Curry is perfect for this dish.
  2. Lentils with eggplants. For 1 portion - 50 g tomatoes, 60 g eggplant, 10 g vegetable oil, basil and garlic. Boil eggplants and cut them into small cubes. With tomatoes remove the skin. Their thin plates fry in a well-heated vegetable oil. Add garlic and eggplants to them. Fry everything together, stirring. Add prepared mixture to lentils. Sprinkle with chopped green basil on top.
  3. Lentils with egg and green onions. For 1 serving - ½ egg, 20 g butter, 30 g green onions. Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel and chop finely. Add chopped onion, pour with melted butter.
  4. Lentils with cauliflower. Cook the grain in the vegetable broth (carrots, onions, parsley root, parsnip). Separately cook cauliflower in salted water. Fry it in butter. Garnish put on a flat dish. Spread the cut cabbage on top and decorate with boiled vegetables.

It is a pity if lentils with diabetes - a rare guest on the table of the patient. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the preparation is multi-stage. Like other grains, it needs to be soaked, boiled, evaporated. Even the water in which it is prepared influences how a leguminous crop is boiled. For her, none of the same, where the liquid. Sources can be a spring, a well, tap and chlorinated water.

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