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Bee Podmore - a folk remedy of a wide range of applications

The collection of corpses of dead insects, which the beekeepers collect, dry and thoroughly grind, is called a pantyone of the bees, in order to be used as a basis for preparing various healing medicines that relieve a person from many different pathologies affecting almost all organs and systems.

I found the use of bees under diabetes mellitus and many other ailments. So even after their death, these toilers continue to benefit the man!

Composition and useful properties

The high efficiency of the use of a podmor is determined by its chemical composition - the composition of dead bees contains a huge amount of healing substances, which as well as possible contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, thus ensuring recovery without any side effects.

Bee primor

However, in order for the complex effect on the human body of products obtained by processing bee bodies to have the expected effect, they must be prepared in a certain way, taking into account the recommendations of famous apitherapists, healers and traditional healers.

Recently, even the official medicine is increasingly paying attention to the feasibility of using medicines created on the basis of beekeeping products. Many cosmetic products are made with their addition, and in addition, some ointments with anti-inflammatory effect, are synthesized with the addition of apitoxin.

It should be noted that before using drugs obtained from bee colon, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, because in view of its pronounced effect, the recommendation of apitherapy in the presence of contraindications can cause significant harm.

People make a big mistake when they consider the recipes of traditional medicine to be something completely safe, acting at the placebo level - in essence, these are the same drugs as synthetic drugs that have their own contraindications to use, and in inappropriate hands only useless, but also harmful to health.

Indications and dosage regimen

Here there are three fundamental differences from the dosage and principles of prescription of synthetic drugs:

  1. The dosage in each case is determined individually only - there is no such rigid framework and regimen and administration as in the case of allopathic drugs. Even in the event that there is a discrepancy with the specified rate of 20-30%, it will not bring any damage to health;
  2. submorma can be combined with any other drugs - both folk drugs and medicines. They will not in any way offset the success of each other, and with a reasonable combination, much more significant results can be achieved;
  3. The course of treatment with the products of the vital activity of bees (submorphosis is not an exception) in the overwhelming majority of cases lasts for a long period of time — at least one month, whereas synthetic drugs are often prescribed only for one administration;
  4. Medicines manufactured from beeswax are not addictive, and therefore they can be discontinued at almost any time to achieve the desired result. And it will not be necessary to gradually reduce the dose - the syndrome of "cancellation" will not arise in any case.
It is also necessary to understand that the main indications for the use of the bees of a bee are chronic diseases that are prone to sluggish flow, even with progression.

In no case can you prescribe apitherapy in acute conditions or with the activation of the chronic pathological process - only allopathy is shown here or, in general, surgery. But in the period of rehabilitation of the drug from the calves of dead bees will help as well as possible.

What illnesses can be treated?

The use of drugs derived from this product of beekeeping (however cruel it may sound, but it can be called a side), is recommended in the presence of the following diseases:

  1. chronic pain syndrome of almost any level of localization. Such illnesses as osteochondrosis, lumboischialgia, radiculitis, neuritis, and other pathologies of the nervous system are perfectly treated with drugs developed by folk healers based on dead bees;
  2. nosology related to the respiratory system. This includes COPD, and ordinary bronchial asthma, and often recurrent ARVI, bronchitis and laryngitis;
  3. endocrine disorders, in particular - diabetes. The treatment of diabetes with a margin is accompanied by numerous positive reviews. It reduces the need for insulin and is an excellent prevention of diabetic osteoarthropathy. Bee subsurface is good for type 2 diabetes, as it improves the functioning of the digestive system;
  4. pathologies associated with the violation of higher nervous activity. Decrease in memory, depression, chronic fatigue, excessive irritability, irritability, deterioration of working capacity - all this is perfectly treated by this amazing product of apitherapy;
  5. dysfunctions of the digestive tract - chronic hypoacidic and hyperacid gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer in the period of remission, as well as problems with the work of the hepatobiliary tract can be eliminated after a course of treatment with bee stalk;
  6. problems with the musculoskeletal system. Dislocations, the effects of fractures, bruises, bruises, hematomas - all this is perfectly treated with compresses and liniment prepared from the bodies of dead bees.

Focus on the fact that psoriasis is also in demand in pediatric practice - nutrients and biological substances collected in this product in large quantities can best strengthen the body's defenses, enhance immunity, resistance to all diseases transmitted by nutritional and airborne droplets.

Children, to whom you will daily give a teaspoon of tincture of bee submarine, during the cold season do not know what a cold is.

Drug Recipes

Below is a list of medications based on Pomor:

  1. fried mor - a great tool for consumption in various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. It is very simple to prepare - the bodies of dead bees are fried in a pan, ground into a meat grinder, and then consumed in dried form, 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day, for a month;
  2. infusion - it is necessary to pour 250 mg of crushed bee cells in boiling water (1 l) and leave to stand in a dark place for a day. Then it will need to boil three times and strain. The technology of preparation allows you to get a drug that perfectly helps with skin diseases;
  3. decoction - 300 g of dead bee bodies are taken, 2 liters of water are poured and brought to a boil, and then infused overnight. Do not filter! Keep in the refrigerator, before use it can be heated to room temperature, so as not to destroy the biologically active substances that are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Drink 1 glass twice a day - the result can be noted in a month;
  4. liniment - ground podmor mixed with butter in the ratio of 1 to 1, and then applied to the affected skin;
  5. tincture - This is the most common drug that is used to treat many diseases. For its preparation, it will be necessary to take 200 g of bee podmor, 50 mg of propolis, 100 g of dried wormwood and 400 ml of ethanol 96%. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed with each other and pour with ethyl alcohol. After that, the resulting mixture should stand in a dark, warm room for five days. Attention! In no case can the already finished product be filtered, in which case it will gradually lose its healing properties, as the substances extracted from the bodies of insects are destroyed over time. Tincture can be used for both internal and external use. It is enough to drink 100 ml of this tincture once a day for a year in order to forget almost any chronic illness.


Contraindications to the use of any drugs, which are obtained on the basis of dead calf bees:

  1. allergic to any bee products, including honey;
  2. history of cases of urticaria or any other manifestations of the reaction of sensitization of the delayed and immediate type;
  3. history of pseudo-allergic reactions, regardless of the reason that caused them.
In any case, before starting a course of treatment with beeswax drugs, it will be necessary to pass some general clinical tests and consult a general practitioner.

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