Blood glucose meters

Inexpensive and high-quality glucometer Kontur TS

Blood glucose meters are devices that are not threatened by the lack of demand for and removal from the markets of sales of small medical equipment. Unfortunately, there are only more diabetics in the world, which means that the number of people who need to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels is increasing. There are a lot of devices in pharmacies and special shops: different models, functionality, prices, equipment.

There are expensive testers - as a rule, these are multi-tasking analyzers that detect not only glucose indicators, but also cholesterol levels, hemoglobin, and uric acid. There are inexpensive devices, one of them is the Kontur TS meter.

Description of the analyzer Loop TC

This tester from the Japanese manufacturer has been on the medical equipment market for quite a long time, about ten years. It was in 2008 that the first bioanalyzer of this brand was released. Yes, these are products of the German company Bayer, but to this day the entire assembly of the equipment of this company takes place in Japan, which has practically no effect on the price of the goods.

For many years, a huge number of buyers of this model of blood glucose meters made sure that the Circuit’s equipment is of high quality, reliable, and you can trust the readings of this device. Japanese-German production of its kind is already a guarantee of quality.

The letters TS in the title is short for Total Simplicity, which translates as "absolute simplicity." And this designation, perhaps, is a bright characteristic of the device.

The meter is as easy to use as possible. On the analyzer case there are only two buttons, very large, so it will be easy to deal with the navigation, as they say, not even for the most advanced user.

Advantages of the meter:

  • It is convenient because it is easy to use the device and people with impaired vision. Usually it is difficult for them to insert a test strip, they just don’t see a hole for it. In the device, the contour of the meter for testing for the convenience of the user is painted in orange.
  • No coding. Some diabetics simply forget to code before using a new pack of indicator tests, which causes confusion with the results. And so a lot of strips disappears in vain, and yet they are not so cheap. Without coding, the problem is solved by itself.
  • The device does not require a large dosage of blood. And this is also an important characteristic; for accurate processing of the results, the tester needs only 0.6 μl of blood. From this it follows that the depth of the puncture should be minimal. This circumstance makes an attractive device, if you are going to buy it for a child.

The features of Countur TS are such that the result of the study does not depend on the content of carbohydrates such as galactose and maltose in the blood. And even if their level is high, it does not distort the analysis data.

Contour Glucometer and Hematocrit Values

There is the common notion of "thick blood" and "liquid blood." They express the hematocrit of the biological fluid. It demonstrates exactly what the ratio of the blood cells with its total volume. If a person has a certain disease or some pathological processes characteristic of his body at the moment, then the hematocrit level fluctuates. If it increases, the blood thickens, and if it decreases, the blood liquefies.

Not all blood glucose meters are indifferent to this indicator. Thus, the Countur TS glucometer works in such a way that blood hematocrit is not important for it - in the sense that it does not affect the accuracy of the measurements. With hematocrit values ​​from 0 to 70%, the Contour reliably determines blood glucose.

Cons of this gadget

Probably a significant drawback of this bioanalyzer is only one - calibration. It is carried out on plasma, which means that the user must always remember that the level of sugar in the blood plasma always exceeds the same indicators in capillary blood.

And this excess is about 11%.

This means that the values ​​you see on the screen should be reduced by 11% in your mind (or simply divided by 1.12). There is another option: register for yourself the so-called targets. And then it will not be necessary to divide and calculate all the time in your mind; you will simply understand which rate of values ​​of this particular instrument you should strive for.

Another conditional minus is the time spent on processing the results. In the analyzer, it is equal to 8 seconds, which is slightly longer than most modern analogs - they interpret the data in 5 seconds. But the difference is not so great as to consider this item a really significant drawback.

Indicator strips for the meter

This tester works on special indicator tapes (or test strips). For the analyzer in question, they are produced of medium size, not huge, but not miniature. The strips themselves are capable of drawing blood into the indication zone, it is this feature that contributes to the minimum dosage of blood taken from the pad of the finger.

A very important point - the shelf life of an already open regular pack with strips of not more than a month. Therefore, a person clearly calculates how many measurements per month will be, and how many stripes are needed for this. Of course, such calculations are only forecasts, but why should he buy a pack of 100 strips if there are fewer monthly measurements? Unused indicators will become unusable, they will have to be thrown away. But the TC Loop has an important advantage - an open tube with stripes remains in working condition for six months, and this is very convenient for users who do not need frequent measurements.

Never use expired test strips - it is impossible to believe the results of a glucometer when using them!

Features TC circuit

The analyzer looks quite relevant, its body is durable and is considered anti-shock.

Also glucometer distinguishes:

  • Built-in memory for the last 250 measurements;
  • A tool to pierce a finger in a complete set — a convenient Microlet 2 autodispenser, as well as 10 sterile lancets, a case, a cord for synchronizing data with a PC, a user manual and a guarantee, an additional battery;
  • Permissible measurement error - each device is checked for accuracy before being sent for sale;
  • The fixed price - the analyzer costs 550-750 rubles, the packaging of test strips of 50 pieces is 650 rubles.

Many users prefer this particular model for a large contrast screen - it is really convenient for visually impaired people and those who do not want to look for their glasses every time they measure.

Instructions for use

The sugar measurement procedure itself is simple and clear. As always with such manipulations, a person first washes his hands thoroughly, dries them. Shake your fingers, do a mini-gymnastics to improve blood circulation (this is necessary to obtain a sufficient dosage of blood).

And then the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Insert the new indicator strip into the orange port of the meter until it stops;
  2. Wait until you see the symbol on the screen - a drop of blood;
  3. Pierce the skin on the cushion of the ring finger with a pen, and apply capillary blood from the puncture point to the edge of the indicator strip;
  4. After the beep, wait no more than 8 seconds, the result will be displayed on the screen;
  5. Remove the strip from the device, dispose of it;
  6. The meter stops automatically after three minutes of inactive use.

Small remarks - on the eve of the procedure, try not to worry, do not measure sugar immediately after stress. Metabolism is a hormone-dependent process, and the adrenaline that is released during stress can affect the measurement results.

For more accurate results, do not use the first drop of blood that appears. It should be removed with a cotton swab, and only the second drop should be applied to the strip. Wipe the finger with alcohol is also not required, you can not calculate the dosage of the alcohol solution, and it will affect the measurement results (downward).

User Reviews

This is not the newest, but has made a good reputation for technology, deservedly, there are many loyal fans. Sometimes even acquiring more modern and fast blood glucose meters, people do not give up the TC circuit, as it is a fairly accurate, reliable and convenient meter.

Tatiana, 61, Moscow “It is a pity that in Soviet times, when I was only diagnosed with diabetes, there were no blood glucose meters. I have been using the Contour since 2012, I can’t say anything bad, it has never failed me, by and large. And the price is good, and now I would have bought it. ”

Rimma Boytsova, 55 years old, St. Petersburg “I worked for many years in general pathology. And one of our interns was brought about ten years ago by the Circuit TC, the first serial ones. He gave us to the reception. Very rescued, never "buggy." Then she bought the same one for her mom. A worthwhile thing at a low price. ”

The TC circuit is a budget bioanalyzer with a lot of advantages. It is assembled in Japan at the plant, which is supervised by German technologists. Tester is easy to find on sale, as well as consumables to it. Compact, durable, easy to use, rarely breaks.

Not super-fast, but even those 8 seconds to process the data that it has cannot be taken for the slowness of the device. Does not need coding, and the strips used with the device, after opening the tube, you can apply as much as 6 months. Indeed, one of the best options for measuring equipment at such a loyal price.

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