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Comparing Detralex and Antistax

If it is necessary to determine which is better, Detralex or Antistax, pay attention to the main characteristics of the drugs: the type of active substances, their dosage, contraindications, side effects that develop during therapy. Both drugs are designed to eliminate the symptoms of abnormalities of the blood vessels.

Characteristics of drugs

The considered agents represent a group of venotonics, venoprotectors, as well as angioprotectors and microcirculation correctors.

Both drugs are designed to eliminate the symptoms of abnormalities of the blood vessels.


Producers - Servier Industries Laboratories (France), Serdiks LLC (Russia). The preparation contains flavonoids hesperidin and diosmin in the form of fractions isolated from vegetable raw materials. These components exhibit venotonic activity, protect vessels from external negative effects. The dosage of these substances in the composition of 1 tablet: 450 mg of diosmin and 50 mg of hesperidin. The main properties of the drug:

  • angioprotective;
  • venotonic.

Flavonoids contribute to the restoration of the elasticity of the walls of the veins. As a result, there is a decrease in the intensity of edema, because the causes of stagnation are eliminated. Due to the increased elasticity of the veins become less susceptible to stretching, which means that their lumen is narrowed, the blood circulation is restored. Hemodynamic parameters are normalized.

With Detralex therapy, there is a decrease in the rate of venous emptying. The best result can be obtained only during treatment according to a regimen that involves taking 2 tablets once, the frequency of use during the day depends on the patient's condition. With such an amount, the highest efficiency of Detralex is ensured.

A positive result of treatment is also achieved by increasing the tone of the walls of the veins. This factor is decisive, since an increase in vascular tension contributes to more intensive blood flow. At the same time, the permeability of capillaries decreases, their resistance to negative effects increases.

Flavonoids are extensively metabolized. The main components are removed from the body no earlier than 11 hours after taking the first dose of the medicine. The kidneys and liver are involved in this process. Indications for use:

  • venous insufficiency;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • acute hemorrhoids;
  • trophic tissue changes;
  • puffiness;
  • pain;
  • heaviness in the legs;
  • fatigue of the lower extremities;
  • frequent cramps.
Varicose veins - one of the indications for use of Detralex.
Hemorrhoids in acute form is one of the indications for use of Detralex.
Puffiness is one of the indications for use of Detralex.
Frequent cramps is one of the indications for use of Detralex.

The drug is not used for venous diseases, if hypersensitivity to the active substances in its composition develops. During lactation, Detralex also does not apply, due to the lack of information about the safety of this tool.

Research into the effects of hesperidin and diosmin on the body of pregnant women has not been done, but if the positive effects exceed the possible harm in intensity, it is allowed to use this medicine for vascular diseases. Cases of the development of negative reactions during the treatment of women in carrying a child are not fixed.

Side effects of the drug:

  • general weakness in the body;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • violation of the digestive system: loose stools, nausea, colitis;
  • allergy (rash, itching, swelling of the face and respiratory tract).

If the drug is used for a long time, you should consult with your doctor. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage specified in the instructions for the product.


Manufacturer - Beringer Ingelheim (Austria). Antistax - a drug based on plant materials. The active ingredient is dry extract of red leaves of grapes. The drug can be purchased in the form of capsules and gel. Main properties: angioprotective, protective (increases the resistance of capillaries to negative factors, reduces their permeability). This tool helps to normalize vascular tone, restores blood supply in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocalization of the lesion.

The active component provides sufficient effectiveness due to the presence in its composition of flavonoids: isoquercetin and quercetin-glucuronide. The latter of the substances is characterized by antioxidant properties, helps eliminate signs of inflammation. Thanks to Antistax, the state of cell membranes is normalized, due to which the properties of the vascular epithelium are restored. At the same time, the elasticity of the tissues increases. As a result, the intensity of stagnation decreases, the normal velocity of blood flow through the veins is restored.

Antistax should be used for pain in the legs.

Antistax therapy eliminates edema. This is due to the fact that the vessels become less permeable to biological fluids. As a result, proteins, lymph, plasma do not accumulate in the surrounding tissues. This drug should be used in such cases:

  • venous insufficiency, accompanied by varicose veins (chronic form);
  • pain in the legs;
  • puffiness;
  • feeling of fatigue in the lower limbs;
  • violation of sensitivity.

The gel form can also be used for joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.). Antistax is not used when the body is hypersensitive to any substance contained in the preparation. Despite the absence in its composition of aggressive components, this tool is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, because there is no information about the safety of treatment in this case. For the same reason, the drug is not used in the treatment of children under 18 years.

Antistax contains glucose, so with diabetes is prescribed with caution. Moreover, the dose of the drug is reduced. The drug is prescribed only in the initial stages of vascular diseases, because it does not provide a sufficient level of effectiveness. It is recommended to use it simultaneously with other means. In this case, Antistax enhances the effect of other drugs. Side effects:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • indigestion;
  • constipation;
  • hypersensitivity reactions;
  • rash accompanied by intense itching.
Diarrhea is one of the side effects of the drug.
Nausea is one of the side effects of the drug.
A rash is one of the side effects of the drug.

Duration of capsules - 3 months. If there are no positive changes during therapy, you should consult with a phlebologist. It is recommended to repeat the course of treatment 2 times a year in order to prevent varicose veins.

Comparing Detralex and Antistax


Both drugs are made from plant materials. They contain flavonoids as active ingredients. This provides a similar therapeutic effect. Apply the considered agents for the same diseases, symptoms of pathologies. Side effects, they also provoke similar.

What is the difference?

Preparations contain flavonoids of various types. Moreover, the dosage varies in both cases. Detraleks, in contrast to Antistax, is permissible to use during pregnancy. The last of the drugs used with caution in diabetes mellitus, whereas Detralex is used more freely in this disease. Another difference is the release form. Detralex is produced in tablets, Antistax - in capsules, in the form of a gel. Given the difference in the dosage of these drugs, when prescribing the number of active ingredients is recalculated or changing the frequency of the drug.

What is cheaper?

Antistax price is 1030 rubles. (pack containing 50 capsules). Detralex can be purchased for 1300 rubles. (60 tablets). This means that the last of the means is not much, but it exceeds the Antistax in price.

What is better Detraleks or Antistaks?

When choosing a drug take into account the components contained in it, indications and contraindications. It is important to evaluate the level of effectiveness during therapy. Detralex is characterized by a wider spectrum of action, since it affects various biochemical processes. It also contains a large amount of flavonoids. In addition, the active ingredient in the composition of this tool provides higher efficiency. Hence, it is preferable to use it.

Doctor's reviews of the drug Detralex: indications, use, side effects, contraindications

Patient Reviews

Elena, 38 years old, Kerch.

Applied Detralex with spider veins. In addition to this drug, the doctor prescribed others. Thanks to this treatment scheme, I got rid of the problem. I believe that without Detralex, the effect would have come later or could have been weaker.

Valentine, 35 years old, Samara.

Price Antistaks more affordable. In addition, the type of the main components in the composition of this tool resembles Detraleks. Attracted release form - Antistax acquired in the form of a gel, which is more convenient for me, because a positive result is achieved faster.

Doctors reviews about Detraleks and Antistax

Inarkhov MA, vascular surgeon, 32, Khabarovsk.

Antistax - phlebotonics of moderate effectiveness. I consider this medication mediocre. Nothing makes it stand out from its analogs. It is made on the basis of plant components, has a positive effect in vein diseases at the initial stage. Cost at such initial data is too high.

Manasyan KV, phlebologist, 30 years old, Bryansk.

None of phlebotonics on a plant basis (such as Detralex, Antistax) does not provide pronounced efficiency. As independent drugs, it is inappropriate to use them - only as an auxiliary measure.

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