Novomiks - rules of use, doses and adjustment

In diabetes, insulin production is seriously impaired, which leads to sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Dieting does not always give the expected result, so doctors prescribe medications to patients for the normalization of the hormone.

Novomix - a drug based on insulin, which is a white suspension without lumps. It is prescribed for insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

The principle of action of the drug Novomiks

The drug is supplied to the pharmacy shelves in cartridges or special syringe pens. The volume of both dosage forms - 3 ml. Suspension consists of 2 parts.

When ingested drug:

  1. Affects insulin receptors;
  2. Hinders intense sugar production;
  3. Reduces blood sugar concentration;
  4. Normalizes glucose levels, which increase dramatically after meals.

The drug does not affect the ability to have children and does not lead to the development of mutations and cancerous tumors. Novomix is ​​a safe drug that rarely has side effects when used correctly.

The hormone, which is the basis of the drug, is similar to natural insulin and therefore does not pose a threat to the body.

Contraindications, use when carrying and feeding the child

The drug is contraindicated in case of insulin hypersensitivity to aspart or to auxiliary components. The tool is not recommended for children under 6 years. When carrying a child, Novomix is ​​prescribed only in cases of potential benefits that exceed the risk to the unborn child.

When carrying a child, be careful about the level of glucose in the blood and constantly monitor it. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the need for insulin is insignificant, increased in the 2 and 3 trimester. After delivery, the dosage can be reduced, since the body's need for insulin drops sharply.

Possible side effects

With improper or prolonged use Novomix can adversely affect the patient's body. Patients have undesirable effects:

  1. Hypoglycemia. This is a condition where the blood sugar level drops sharply to pathological parameters (less than 3.3 mmol per 1 liter). Hypoglycemia develops in those patients who were administered an excessively high dose of the drug. Symptoms of reduced sugar come on suddenly. The skin becomes pale, the person constantly sweats, quickly gets tired and suffers from increased anxiety. Patients with low sugar hands are shaking, strength is falling and confusion appears. Concentration is disturbed, palpitations are rapid and constantly sleepy. Often, patients with hypoglycemia experience uncontrolled hunger. Rarely vision deteriorates and a feeling of nausea appears. In a severe episode of hypoglycemia, the patient develops convulsions and impaired brain functions. If assistance is not provided in time, hypoglycemia leads to the death of the patient;
  2. Lipodystrophy. This is the destruction of the fat layer until its complete disappearance. Appears in areas where the injection was repeatedly carried out. The absorption and absorption of the active ingredients is often impaired. To prevent lipodystrophy, it is recommended to alternate injection sites and inject insulin into new areas;
  3. Allergic reactions. Novomix in rare cases causes a generalized rash - a condition in which rashes cover the whole body. The patient sweats a lot, suffers from gastrointestinal disorders and angioedema. In severe cases, blood pressure drops sharply, heartbeat quickens, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe. These reactions are dangerous to the life of the patient and require immediate medical attention.

Additional side effects - visual disturbances associated with increased tissue turgor, diabetic retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, painful sensations at the sites of drug administration.

Novomiks: instructions for use

Before using the tool, pick up a cartridge or a disposable pen and shake. Pay attention to the color of the tank - the shade should be uniform and white. Lumps stuck to the walls of the cartridge, should not be. Only a single use of the needle is allowed - if you neglect this rule, you risk getting infected.

Before use, it is important to observe basic principles and precautions:

  • Do not use the drug if before that he was lying in the freezer;
  • If the patient feels that sugar is lowered, it is absolutely impossible to inject the drug. To increase the level of glucose, enough
  • Use simple carbohydrates (for example, candy);
  • If the cartridge is dropped on the floor or damaged in any other way, it should not be used further. Before use, regularly check the suspension container and inspect the piston. If there is a gap between them, replace the insulin injection device with another device;
  • Check the instructions and label - make sure you have the right type of insulin in your hands;
  • Regularly alternate the zone of introduction of the needle into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. This will help avoid lipodystrophy and induration at the injection site;
  • The insulin is most rapidly absorbed into the body when administered in the abdominal region.

Do not forget about regular monitoring of sugar levels. Follow the instructions to prevent severe conditions and a sharp decrease in glucose.

Compatibility with other drugs

When calculating the dose, consider that some drugs can affect carbohydrate metabolism. These drugs include:

drugs that lead to a sharp decrease in sugar levels;

  • Okreotid;
  • MAO inhibitors;
  • Salicylates;
  • Anabolics;
  • Sulfonamides;
  • Products containing alcohol.

Additionally, there is a group of drugs in which the need for Novomix 30 FlexPen increases. This category includes: thyroid hormones, birth control pills, danazol, thiazides, HSC.

Impact on driving ability

The most common side effect observed during treatment is a sharp drop in sugar to dangerous values. One of the symptoms of hypoglycemia is impaired concentration, due to which the patient cannot control a complex mechanism or drive a car without risk.

After administration, ensure that there is no risk of a sharp rise in sugar levels. If the symptoms of hypoglycemia are practically not observed, it is not recommended to drive a car, as sugar can fall at any time.

Dose and Adjustment

Novomix is ​​prescribed as monotherapy or in conjunction with other medications. The dosage depends on the individual characteristics and type of the disease:

  • In case of diabetes of the second type, the initial dose is 6 IU before the first meal and the same amount of IU before dinner. With an increased need for insulin, the dose is adjusted by 12 U;
  • If the patient changed the treatment with biphasic insulin to Novomix, the initial dosage remains the same as in the previous regimen. Further, the dose is changed as needed. When transferring a patient to a new drug requires strict monitoring by the attending physician;
  • If the therapy needs to be strengthened, the patient is prescribed a double intake of the drug;
  • To change the dose, measure fasting glucose over the last 3 days. If during this period there was a sharp decrease in the level of sugar, the dose is not adjusted.

The dose is adjusted no more than once a week. You can read the recommendations for dose adjustment in the official instructions attached to the package.

How to properly enter insulin

The combination of a correctly selected dose and its correct introduction into the body is the main rule of successful treatment of diabetes:

  1. Before using the solution, hold it for 1-2 hours at a temperature of 15-20 degrees. Then take the cartridge in your hand and turn it horizontally. Pinch the cartridge between your hands, and then mix your hands as if you were rolling a stick or any other cylindrical object. Repeat up to 15 times.
  2. Rotate the cartridge horizontally and shake it so that the ball inside the container rolls from one end to the other.
  3. Repeat the steps in the 1st and 2nd paragraph until the contents of the container dim and become evenly white.
  4. Carefully perform the injection into the subcutaneous fat. Do not inject the contents of the cartridge into the vein - this will cause a sharp rise in blood sugar.
  5. If less than 12 U of the preparation is left in the container, use a new dose for more uniform mixing.

Keep the trigger button pressed until the entire dose of the drug has been injected under the skin. If you are using 2 different drugs, never mix them in the same cartridge.

Always carry a replacement injection device with you in case the first one is unusable.

First Aid for overdose

The main symptom of an overdose Novomix - severe hypoglycemia. A patient in this condition can be helped in several ways:

  • With a slight increase in sugar, give the patient any product that contains simple carbohydrates. These include pastries: candy, chocolate, etc. Carry foods with sugar all the time - the need to increase the sugar concentration may occur at any time;
  • Severe hypoglycemia is treated with glucagon solution. This drug in the amount of 0.5-1 mg. is injected intramuscularly or in the subcutaneous fat;
  • An alternative to glucagon is dextrose solution. It is administered in extreme cases when glucagon has already been administered to the patient, but it does not return to consciousness for longer than 10 minutes. Dextrose is injected intravenously. This can be done only by a specially trained person or doctor.

To prevent re-falling sugar, eat foods rich in simple and complex carbohydrates. Do not forget about caution - eat in small portions, so as not to cause a backlash.

Trade names, cost, storage conditions

The drug enters the pharmacy shelves under several trade names. Each of them is produced in a certain amount and concentration of the active substance.

The cost varies slightly:

  1. Novomix FlexPen - 1500-1700 rubles;
  2. Novomix 30 Penfill - 1590 rubles;
  3. Insulin Aspart - 600 rubles (per pen-syringe).

The drug is recommended to be stored at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees in a dark place inaccessible to children..

Novomiks: analogues

If the product does not suit you or is not tolerated by the body due to auxiliary components, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the proven analogues:

  • Novomix 30 Penfill. This drug is based on insulin aspart, which consists of two parts. It combines hormones that act for a short and long time. Stimulates the production of important components, increases the movement of glucose at the cellular level and its ability to be absorbed by other tissues. Affects the work of the liver, reduces the production of glucose and normalizes its concentration in the blood. Unlike the classic Novomix, it takes at least 24 hours. The structure of the active substance converges with natural insulin, so the tool is safe for the body. When used correctly, the drug has virtually no undesirable consequences. Contraindicated at the age of 18 years, with hypoglycemia and hypersensitivity;
  • Novomix 30 FlexPen. Affects the production of insulin and stimulates the processes that are carried out inside the cells. The duration of action depends on the injection area, physical activity, dosage and other factors. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes;
  • Novomix 50 FlexPen. This tool is almost completely similar to the two above drugs. The only difference is in the concentration of the active substance. For this reason, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before starting therapy.

Choosing the right drug, consider not only the cost, but also other important points. This includes the type of insulin, the individual characteristics of your body, the tolerability of substances and associated diseases.

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