Diabetes complications

What is prediabetes: description, signs, prevention

What is prediabetes? This is the borderline between a healthy body and diabetes. The pre-diabetes state is characterized by the fact that the pancreas produces insulin, but much less.

People with this disease are at risk of type 2 diabetes. Although this pre-diabetic sudden condition is dangerous, it is completely treatable.

To restore the former health of a person, you need to completely revise your lifestyle. This is the only way to bring sugar back to normal levels and prevent diabetes.

Prediabetes may occur at a time when the body's tissues become tolerant (immune) to insulin. The level of glucose in the blood from this increases.

One of the complications that prediabetes leads to is diabetic angiopathy. There is a disease due to lack of control over the level of sugar.

If you do not start treatment in time, there will be other complications leading to type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes leads to the fact that the patient's condition worsens:

  1. nerve endings;
  2. vessels;
  3. organs of vision, etc.

Important! In children, diabetes is diagnosed at least less than in adults. It may result from severe infections or serious surgical interventions.

What can cause prediabetes, signs of disease

First of all, at risk are people leading a sedentary life and having problems with being overweight. The second category of people - those who have a hereditary predisposition to the disease.

The likelihood that prediabetes will develop significantly increases in women who have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Most of the patients often do not notice the initial manifestations, which are characterized by prediabetes, and some signs can be identified only by laboratory studies, it is necessary to do tests.

If a person has the following symptoms, similar to prediabetes, you should immediately be examined by a specialist:

  1. Overweight.
  2. The sugar test is not normal.
  3. Age category - more than 45 years.
  4. A woman has gestational diabetes during the childbearing period.
  5. The woman was diagnosed with polycystic ovary.
  6. A high level of triglycerides and cholesterol was found in the patient's blood.

Other signs

Sleep disturbance

When a person is impaired glucose metabolism, the body hormone functions fail and decreases the production of hormone-insulin. This can lead to insomnia.

Pruritus and visual disturbance.

The blood as a result of high sugar levels becomes thicker, and its passage through the vessels and small capillaries is difficult. As a result, pruritus and vision problems appear.

Thirst, frequent urination.

To dilute thick blood the body requires a large absorption of fluid. Therefore, the patient is constantly tormented by thirst. Naturally, a large intake of water leads to frequent urination. If the blood sugar level drops to 5.6 - 6 mmol / l, this problem disappears by itself.

Sharp weight loss.

Since the amount of insulin produced is reduced, glucose from the blood is not completely absorbed by the tissues. As a result, the cells are deficient in nutrition and energy. Therefore, the patient's body is quickly depleted and weight loss occurs.

Heat and night cramps.

Poor nutrition affects the state of the muscles, because of this there are convulsions. High sugar levels provoke fever.


Even slight damage to the brain vessels will cause pain in the head and limbs.

Important! Having found the slightest symptoms of prediabetes, it is necessary to start treatment immediately, and to do this as prescribed by a doctor, which will help to significantly reduce the risk of complications of the disease!

Prognosis and treatment

The presence of prediabetes can be detected by taking blood for analysis. A blood test for glucose is made on an empty stomach in the morning, after which treatment is prescribed.

If analyzes have shown less than 6.1 mmol / l or below 110 mg / dl, then we are talking about the presence of pre-diabetes.

Treatment may be as follows:

  • dieting;
  • weight loss control;
  • physical activity;
  • getting rid of bad habits;

The patient must exercise daily control over the level of sugar, cholesterol, here you can use both a blood glucose meter and a device for measuring cholesterol; measure blood pressure; keep a schedule of physical education.

The endocrinologist, in addition to the above measures, may prescribe a treatment for taking special medicines, for example, metformin.

A study conducted by American scientists has shown that adherence to a proper diet, adequate nutrition and a change of lifestyle contribute to reducing the risk of developing diabetes, too. As well as the likelihood that there will be prediabetes.

Disease nutrition

Starting a healthy diet should be reduced portions. In the diet should be in large quantities of fiber: vegetables, fruits, beans, vegetable salads. Nutrition on the basis of these products always has a positive effect as a treatment for such a condition as prediabetes.

Besides the fact that these products quickly satisfy hunger, filling the stomach, they also provide prevention of diabetes.

Healthy food

  • The man quickly loses weight.
  • The level of sugar in the bloodstream is normalized.
  • The body is saturated with macro and micronutrients, vitamins and other beneficial substances.

A balanced diet with prediabetes is sure to help delay or prevent the development of the disease. If, however, prediabetes comes, the patient should:

  1. Reduce fat intake.
  2. Limit consumption of desserts and other sugary foods.
  3. Reduce calorie intake.

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