Blood glucose meters

Choosing lancets for the meter correctly

In order to prevent an abrupt increase or decrease in blood glucose, diabetics need to use a blood glucose meter daily. Its application is based on the collection of a small amount of blood, using a special needle, which in medical terminology is called a lancet. For a comfortable and painless piercing of the skin surface, a special device in the shape of a pen is used that allows the use of disposable needles. In order to choose the right lancets for the meter, people with diabetes need to know all the features of this consumable.

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  • 1 Varieties of lancets for blood glucose meter
    • 1.1 Models for universal use
    • 1.2 Automatic puncturers
    • 1.3 Lancets for children
  • 2 Rules of blood sampling from the finger
  • 3 How often to change the lancets?
  • 4 Features of choice
  • 5 Popular manufacturers and prices
    • 5.1 Microlet
    • 5.2 Accu-Chek
    • 5.3 Van Touch
    • 5.4 IME-DC
    • 5.5 Prolans
    • 5.6 Droplet
    • 5.7 medlans

Varieties of lancets for blood glucose meter

Lancets are a great replacement for old scarifiers. The name of the medical device was taken from the German language, in which "lanzette"comes from the French diminutive word"lance"- a spear. Thanks to a thin needle, you can pierce your finger almost painlessly. Lancets have a removable cap that ensures sterility.

The principle of work and the price depends on their type, so they can be:

  • automatic;
  • universal.

A separate category are lancets used in pediatrics.

Universal Models

The ability to use with any type of meter, this is the main advantage of this type of product. The exception is the Accu Chek Softlix pen piercer, which only the Softclix special lancets are suitable for.

Another advantage when using this type of disposable needles is the ability to adjust their depth of penetration with the help of a piercing pen.

This can be done in the following way:

  • putting the regulator to position 1 or 2 allows the product to be used in childhood;
  • for a female hand, the mark 3 is appropriate;
  • People with thicker skin should move the regulator to the mark 4 or 5.

Automatic piercing machines

The use of innovative technologies has made this type of lancets particularly thin, making the skin puncture imperceptible for diabetics. Usually these needles take blood not only from adults, but also from small children.

The second advantage of automatic scarifiers is that they can be used without special handles and other devices. For the manipulation of a single click on the head of the lancet.

The high cost does not allow the use of automatic scarification daily, so diabetics often use universal lancets.

Lancets for children

Despite the fact that these needles for puncturing the finger are particularly acute, and the inability to inflict both physical and psychological trauma to the child, their use is limited due to the high cost.

Therefore, most parents believe that the use of universal action lancets is a good alternative.

Rules for blood sampling from the finger

This manipulation does not require special skills, but there are a number of recommendations and nuances, the sequence of which must be followed.

The main points when using disposable lancets:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before the procedure.
  2. Immediately before the puncture, the protective cap is removed from the handle.
  3. Lightly pressing the holder for the lancet needle cocks in until it stops.
  4. The protective cap is removed from the lancet.
  5. Adjust the depth of the intended puncture (initially it is recommended to choose the second level).
  6. The start button is pressed when the handle touches the surface of the skin.
  7. After that, the cap is removed from the device and the waste scarifier is disposed of.

How to use the piercing pen (Accu-Chek Softclix):

How often to change lancets?

Only sterile lancets should be used, as their needles are in direct contact with blood. That is why the scarifier is intended for single use only. Diabetics often use needles many times, while the lancet loses its sharpness and painful sensations appear.

Ideally, each blood collection procedure should be accompanied by a needle change. Manufacturers of automatic lancets made it impossible to pierce a finger several times.

Diabetics need to know that the reuse of lancets can cause the development of inflammatory diseases, so the following rules of operation should be followed:

  1. Each manipulation should be done with cleanly washed hands and soap (alcohol is not allowed when using the meter).
  2. Prevent the needle from being reused by another person.
  3. It is better to store lancets for a glucometer and test strips in the places protected from direct sunshine. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the meter or consumables do not turn out to be a toy in children's hands.

Selection Features

To make the right choice of lancets, you need to consider how often it will be used during the day and which model of the meter (pen-piercer) you use.

An important criterion when choosing lancets for a glucometer is the ability to puncture, taking into account the thickness of the skin. In this case, universal models will be preferable, since they are used together with a piercing pen, which has a special regulator that allows you to choose the depth of penetration.

The cost of lancets is influenced by the following parameters:

  1. The company that produces the release of the model. In this case, German manufacturers are the undisputed leaders, which explains the high price of their products.
  2. The number of scarifiers in the package.
  3. Type of model range (automatic products are the most expensive).
  4. In a commercial pharmacy, consumables for blood glucose meters will have a lower price than in a network of state pharmacies.

Popular manufacturers and prices

Despite the wide range of scarifier needles, models of certain brands are very popular among the population.

Often used lancets for blood glucose meters:


The lancets are adapted to the device Kontur TS or Plus, and refers to the type of puncturing universal type. Production is based on the use of medical steel, which ensures the safety and reliability of the product. Sterility is maintained by a removable cap.

When buying from an online store, the price can be from 372 to 380 rubles. In the pharmacy network, it is within 440 rubles.


The model range is a product of Rosh Diabetes Kea Rus LLC. A painless puncture provides a minimum thin needle diameter. In addition, silicone treatment does not cause tactile sensations even in the most sensitive patients.

The Accu-Chek Active, Performa or Performa Nano meter is compatible with Softclix lancets. The Accu-Chek Multiclix pen piercer works with Multiklix needles, and you need to buy Akku Chek FastClik scarifiers from Accu Chek Mobile.

Packing number 25 can be purchased for 110 rubles.

Van tach

Country of origin - USA. The versatility of Van Tach scarifiers allows using both adults and children. In addition, the pen-piercer kit has a special cap that allows you to take blood from other places. Thanks to the convenient regulator, the device easily adapts to any thickness of the skin.

If the manipulation is performed in an alternative location of the fence, the indicator of sugar level may differ from the procedure on the skin of the finger.

The average price for 100 pieces is in the range of 700 rubles. (№25 - 215 rubles.)


Lancets are available in Germany. Triangular spear shape in combination with a minimum diameter, allows for a painless puncture, which allows widespread use in pediatrics.

Safety of this model provides high-strength medical steel.

Pharmacy cost is within 380 p. (# 100). Online stores sell these products at a price of 290 p.


Lancets for automatic use from Polish manufacturers. The presence of a double spring improves the accuracy of puncture, and prevents the appearance of pain. This effect also becomes possible due to the elimination of needle vibration.

It has 6 varieties. Each package has its own color, which corresponds to a certain thickness of the lancet. This makes it easy to determine the individual choice of model.

Acquisition number 200 has an average price of 2300 p.


Country manufacturer - Poland. Lancets are adapted to all varieties of pens (Accu-Chek is an exception). You can also use them offline. The minimum needle diameter allows the use of patients who are afraid of the procedure for taking blood.

The model is widely used in pediatric practice. It can be used even for the smallest patients. Safe application is carried out due to triple silicone coating.

Price - from 390 to 405 p. (depending on the pharmacy network).


This type of lancets is available in several forms. The package has a different color (a certain thickness of skin corresponds to each color). The sterility of the needles provides ionizing radiation during manufacture, and the housing creates the conditions for permanent protection against damage.

Manipulation of blood sampling is done by tightly pressing against the surface of the finger. The lack of tactile sensations does not cause fear even in the smallest patients.

Packaging 200 pieces. The cost in the pharmacy starts from 1000 rubles.

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