Diabetes Diet

Benefits and Harm of Milk for a Diabetic

People with diabetes have to limit themselves in many ways. The extensive list includes, oddly enough, not only cakes, chocolate, buns and ice cream. That is why the patient is forced to treat each product with caution, carefully studying its composition, properties and nutritional value. There are issues that are not so easy to understand. Let us examine in more detail the question whether it is possible to drink milk in case of diabetes mellitus type 2 or not. Determine the rate of consumption of the product, its value for the body of an adult, the benefits and contraindications.

The composition of the product

Most experts assure that milk with high sugar is not contraindicated, on the contrary, it will only benefit. However, these are only general recommendations that need clarification. To know more precisely, it is necessary to assess the nutritional value of the drink. In the composition of milk are present:

  • lactose,
  • casein,
  • vitamin A,
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • sodium,
  • salts of phosphoric acid,
  • B vitamins,
  • iron,
  • sulfur,
  • copper,
  • bromine and fluorine,
  • manganese.

Many people ask the question: "Is there sugar in milk?" When it comes to lactose. Indeed, this carbohydrate consists of galactose and glucose. It belongs to the disaccharide group. In the special literature it is easy to find data on how much sugar is in milk. Recall that this is not about beet or cane sweetener.

Content per 100 g of lactose product 4.8 g, this indicator refers to cow's milk. In goat milk sugar slightly less - 4.1 grams.

No less important for people with diabetes are indicators such as: the number of bread units, the glycemic index, the calorie and carbohydrate content. These data are shown in the table below.

Characteristics of dairy products of various fat

Fat contentCarbohydratesCalorie contentHEGi

Benefits and contraindications

Casein, related to animal proteins, helps to maintain muscle tone, and in combination with lactose, it supports the normal functioning of the heart, kidneys, and liver. Vitamins of group B have a beneficial effect on the nervous and vegetative-vascular system, nourish the skin and hair. Milk, as well as products from it, promotes metabolism, contributing to weight loss due to fatty layer, and not muscle tissue. The drink is the best cure for heartburn, it is shown for gastritis with high acidity and ulcers.

The main contraindication to the use of milk is the lack of lactose production by the body. Because of this pathology of the normal absorption of milk sugar, obtained from the drink. Typically, this entails an upset stool.

In regard to goat milk, he has a little more contraindications.

Drink is not recommended for:

  • endocrine disorders;
  • excess weight or fullness;
  • pancreatitis.

What dairy products are suitable for diabetics

Diabetics have to keep under control the content of fats in dairy products. Impaired glucose uptake is often associated with an increase in cholesterol concentration, which leads to serious complications. For the same reason, eating whole milk is undesirable.

A glass of kefir or milk, not subjected to fermentation, contains 1 XE.

So, on average, a patient with diabetes can consume no more than 2 glasses per day.

Special attention deserves goat milk. Homegrown "doctors" actively recommend it as a healing tool that can get rid of diabetes. It is argued by the unique composition of the drink and the lack of lactose in it. This information is incorrect at the root. Lactose in the drink is, although its content is somewhat lower than in the cow. But this does not mean that you can drink it uncontrollably. In addition, it is more fat. Therefore, if it is necessary to take goat milk, for example, in order to maintain an organism weakened after an illness, it should be discussed in detail with a doctor. Dairy products do not reduce the level of sugar, so you should not expect a miracle.

Benefits of cow's milk for adults, many questioned.

Drinks containing fermented milk bacteria are more favorable for intestinal microflora.

Therefore, for diabetics, it is preferable not milk, but kefir or natural yogurt. Not less useful whey. With zero fat content, it contains bioactive ingredients that are important for the body of a diabetic. Just like milk, a drink contains a lot of easily digestible protein, minerals, vitamins and lactose. It contains such an important component as choline, which is important for the health of blood vessels. It is known that serum activates metabolism, so it is ideal for people with excess weight.

About the dangers of dairy products

As already mentioned, the benefits and harms of milk in diabetes cause controversy even in a medical environment. Many experts argue that the body of an adult does not process lactose. Accumulating in the body, it causes autoimmune diseases. The results of studies are also given, from which it follows that those who consume ½ l of drink per day are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes. They are also more often overweight, as there is much more fat in milk than indicated on the packages.

Some chemical studies show that pasteurized milk causes acidosis, that is, acidification of the body. This process leads to the gradual destruction of bone tissue, depression of the nervous system, decrease in the activity of the thyroid gland. Acidosis is among the causes of headaches, insomnia, the formation of oxalate stones, arthrosis, and even cancer.

It is also considered that milk, although it replenishes the calcium reserves, but at the same time contributes to its active use.

According to this theory, the drink is useful only for babies, it will not bring benefit to a more adult person. Here we can see a direct link "milk and diabetes", since it is lactose that is called as one of the reasons for the development of pathology.

Another significant con is the presence of harmful impurities in the drink. We are talking about antibiotics that cows receive in the treatment of mastitis. However, there are no grounds for these fears. Ready milk passes the control which purpose to not allow on a table of the buyer a product from sick animals.

The content of antibiotics in the liquid will be minimal, despite the fact that some of them have a cumulative effect, so that if you use milk to harm your health, you need to empty a three-liter can of drink a day.

Obviously, lactose in diabetes mellitus type 2, will not bring any harm, if you use products containing it, wisely. Do not forget to consult with the endocrinologist about the fat content of the product and the allowed daily allowance.

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