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Flaxseed oil in type 2 diabetes: how to take diabetics with high sugar?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that is quite difficult to treat. In order for the therapy to be effective, a set of specific actions should be performed, including the use of medication, diet and exercise.

Many patients find it difficult to pay for expensive therapeutic procedures. Therefore, people often turn to the means of traditional medicine. Doctors also recommend flax oil and type 2 diabetes as an additional treatment. This product is truly unique to diabetics.

Currently, flaxseed oil is popular as a remedy. There are a large number of folk recipes in which diabetes and linseed oil are related.

The positive properties of flax seeds

Flax seeds are often used if there is an elevated blood sugar level. In order for these therapeutic measures to be effective, one should study what benefit and harm can be.

In flax seeds are:

  • minerals,
  • acids and trace elements
  • vitamins
  • unsaturated fats.

But this product for type 2 diabetes should be taken only according to certain proven recipes and application should be limited.

Due to the unique composition of flaxseeds are a component of many dietary supplements and medicines. A person who takes flaxseed oil will quickly feel an improvement in the condition of the body.

Recipes with linseed oil make it possible to:

  1. prevent the increase of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood,
  2. stop the development of atherosclerosis,
  3. reduce body weight.

In flax seeds are lignans. These are substances that slow down the division of tumor cells. Thus, the seeds can be consumed by those who suffer from various cancers. So flaxseed oil and type 2 diabetes as to take need to be aware of other problems.

Among other things, the product helps to improve the urinary system, helps with debilitating cough and relieves constipation. These properties are not the entire list of therapeutic effects of flaxseeds.

Flax seeds are used for decoctions and infusions that can be used for:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • reduce blood glucose levels
  • reduce the likelihood of blood clots.

Flaxseed oil in diabetes reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and also improves cardiac activity.

Flax seeds contain a lot of fiber, so they have the ability to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Since the seed contains polysaccharides, infusions and decoctions have the following properties:

  1. emollients
  2. enveloping
  3. anti-inflammatory.

For people with an ulcer or gastritis, flax seeds are very helpful. The same can be said about hemp oil.

Hemp oil is a natural product that is obtained by pressing raw hemp seeds. Crude oil has a strong nutty flavor and a greenish color. After processing, the oil becomes colorless.

Because of the small amount of carbohydrates, this oil is suitable for people with diabetes. Flax possesses many useful substances, therefore high level of sugar in blood decreases.

When using seeds do not need to pre-soak them. The seeds swell independently when they pass through the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to grind the seeds right before use, because they are very quickly oxidized in air and then poorly absorbed.

As a prophylactic, these seeds can be taken daily on a small spoon without a slide.

For therapeutic purposes, they should be eaten before meals in the amount of two tablespoons.

The composition and action of flaxseed oil

The oil, which is obtained from flax seeds, is a source of fatty acids. According to its characteristics, it is better than fish oil. In the composition of the oil is present:

  • linolenic,
  • alpha linolenic,
  • oleic acid.

In addition, vitamins B, A, K and E are present in the oil. This product is rather high in calories, since about 900 kcal are found per 100 g.

Due to the special composition and combination of useful elements, flaxseed oil is in demand in various fields of medicine. This product is also used to improve lipid metabolism in the body.

Flaxseed oil for diabetes has many effects:

  1. normalizes the fat composition of body cells,
  2. ensures proper functioning of the pancreas,
  3. reduces the level of hyperglycemia,
  4. reduces the amount of serum cholesterol, preventing the pathological process of creating atherosclerotic plaques,
  5. compensates for the deficiency of acids, which positively affects the tissue membranes, ensuring their recovery,
  6. improves the condition of capillaries and dilutes the blood.

The prevention of all possible effects of diabetes is provided. This is about:

  • heart attack
  • stroke,
  • microangiopathy.

Weight normalization is especially relevant for people with diabetes. Thanks to the use of linseed oil, insulin resistance and body weight are reduced.

Since this product improves the functioning of the digestive tract, the amount of heartburn and abdominal discomfort is reduced.

Flaxseed oil for diabetes

The liquid that is released from flaxseed has a bitter taste and has a brown or golden color. The hue depends on the degree of cleaning.

There are several basic options for taking this remedy:

  1. in capsules
  2. raw,
  3. in infusions and solutions for internal use.

This product was popular many centuries ago. Doctors have always emphasized the great benefits of golden oil. It was added to pastries, drinks and food. Extremely popular oil was in fasting due to its caloric and nutritional value.

Asking how to take flaxseed oil in type 2 diabetes, you can remember that the oil loses its properties if it is heated. The product is combined with other cold products. It should be noted that the oil must be stored in a cool and dark place. It will lose its healing properties under direct ultraviolet rays.

In contrast to type 1 diabetes mellitus, which requires the constant introduction of insulin into the body, type 2 diabetes is characterized by the possibility of treatment with more conservative methods.

Flax seeds, when properly administered, make it possible not to aggravate diabetes, and in some cases completely get rid of it.

Whatever the type of diabetes, flaxseed oil is necessary in the treatment. This product has in its composition fatty acids that are rich in polyminerals. It contains Omega-9, Omega-3 and Omega-6. The human body can not live without these substances.

Flax makes it possible to reduce the level of glucose in the blood, which is important if there is both the second and the first type of diabetes. In addition to acids and vitamins, there is fiber in the seeds, thanks to which the insulin production process is improved, which is extremely important in diabetes mellitus.

In folk medicine, there are many recipes for cooking with flax. For example, to prepare an infusion, you will need 4 small spoons of flax seeds, which are placed in a glass container and poured 100 ml of boiling water.

Next, the infusion needs to be covered with a lid and wait until it cools to room temperature. Then add 10 ml of warm water to the product, stir it and immediately drink it. This remedy should be drunk two or three times a day, but only fresh.

Another diabetic recipe: you need to take one large spoonful of butter and a glass of warm clean water. The ingredients are well mixed and infused for 3 hours. It is necessary to use medicine for the night or in morning time before meal.

In addition to the use of capsules, flaxseed oil can be used as a dressing for cereals, salads and other dishes. The product can be mixed with honey, added to potatoes and cabbage, or prepare a tincture that shows visible results in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

In diabetes, you need to take the seeds in a crushed form, with a few glasses of water. It must be remembered that from contact with air tincture loses its useful characteristics, so it must be taken immediately after grinding seeds.

If flax seeds are taken for prophylactic purposes, then the daily amount should not exceed 5 grams. With treatment, the dose increases to two tablespoons. Therapy lasts about two months, depending on the characteristics of the patient.

If during the treatment the condition worsens or discomfort occurs in the liver area, it should be reported to your doctor.


Despite the many beneficial properties, it is possible that the oil will cause harm to the body. This can happen if:

  • used seeds or oil with expired or with the appearance of an unpleasant taste and smell of the product,
  • during heat treatment, flax oil loses its properties, therefore it is not suitable for baking or frying and can harm health,
  • flaxseed or oil, which is consumed in large quantities, can cause diarrhea and indigestion,
  • if the oil has been standing for a long time after opening the bottle, then the fatty acids, when interacting with air, turn into chemical elements that can harm a person.

Since there is a large amount of fat in the composition of the oil, people with diabetes need to strictly monitor the amount of the product taken, still phytotherapy for diabetes and popular treatment, these are additional methods of therapy.

Before you start using the tool, you should know that flaxseed oil is not accepted when:

  1. urolithiasis,
  2. strong colitis and ulcers,
  3. acute cholecystitis,
  4. acute phase of pancreatitis,
  1. under 5 years old
  2. bleeding disorders.

Despite the fact that most people confirm that flaxseed oil is able to fight diabetes and increase the overall tone of the body, you should ask your doctor if you can start this therapy. The video in this article will continue the topic of the benefits of flax seed in diabetes.

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