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Diabetes mellitus: causes of adult males and characteristic symptoms

Men who have an average age, extra pounds and poor heredity automatically go into a group of people who can get diabetes.

And they have a much higher risk of getting sick than women of identical age and build.

The disease itself is characterized by a large number of frightening symptoms, most of which relate specifically to sexual function. In addition, diabetes in a man is much more severe than in a woman. So how to recognize the disease by symptoms, and what are the main causes of diabetes in men? The answers to these questions are contained in this article.

Causes of diabetes in an adult male

As is known, this disease is a serious violation of metabolic processes in the body. This mainly concerns the exchange of carbohydrates and water.

The result of these failures is a malfunction of the pancreas. It produces a hormone called insulin, which is actively involved in the processing of sugar.

If the amount of this hormone is not enough to process carbohydrates, then serious problems arise in the body. Sugar does not turn into glucose and, thus, begins to accumulate in the blood, from which it is subsequently excreted in urine in very large volumes.

In parallel with this, water exchange is significantly deteriorating. As a result, the tissue is unable to retain water, and it is excreted from the body through the kidneys. In cases where the concentration of glucose in the blood is much higher than normal, this is the first signal of the body about the presence of a dangerous disease - diabetes.

As mentioned earlier, in the human body, pancreatic cells (beta cells) are responsible for producing insulin (pancreatic hormone).

This hormone is necessary in order to regulate the amount of incoming carbohydrates and turn them into glucose.

With diabetes in the body there is an acute shortage of insulin, as a result of which the concentration of sugar in the blood increases markedly. However, however, the cells begin to feel a lack of glucose. This dangerous disease can be both hereditary and acquired.

With insulin deficiency, purulent and other skin lesions can develop, and teeth can also be affected. In some isolated cases, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cataracts, diseases of the organs of the excretory system appear, and the nervous system suffers.

Hormonal failure, overeating, and the presence of extra pounds are common causes of diabetes in men.

Do not forget that women are more attentive to their own health: they visit doctors if necessary, do not abuse nicotine and alcoholic beverages, observe work and sleep patterns, and also monitor their own nutrition.

As a rule, an adult man, because of his psychological characteristics, is experiencing much more stressful situations for much longer and more severely, which has an extremely negative effect on his health, in particular, on the work of the pancreas.

As for a more detailed list, the causes of diabetes in men are as follows:

  1. unbalanced diet. Men, who often consume foods rich in harmful carbohydrates, fast food, as well as excessively sweet, salty, fatty and fried foods, put their pancreas under a heavy load. As a result, the entire endocrine system suffers;
  2. obesity. This is a common cause of diabetes in men who abuse beer and have a so-called “beer belly”. Significant fat deposits in the waist and abdomen complicate the absorption of glucose, since the internal organs of men are covered with a rather thick layer of fat;
  3. sedentary lifestyle. If a person consumes more calories than consumes, then, accordingly, this leads to the formation of excess weight. It is because of this that diabetes mellitus develops;
  4. heredity. If someone of close relatives suffers from diabetes, then the probability of its development increases significantly;
  5. long-term medication. This item is the most dangerous. Taking diuretics, beta-blockers and antidepressants increases the risk of this disease;
  6. chronic diseases. They are capable of causing the death of cells that produce insulin. For each person, the greatest danger is such a disease as pancreatitis;
  7. constant fatigue and stressful situations. Regular experiences only increase the concentration of sugar in the blood;
  8. viral infections. Few people know that diabetes often develops due to viral hepatitis, chickenpox, rubella, measles, and mumps.
For men whose relatives suffer from diabetes, it is especially important to control blood sugar levels, since it is their risk of getting the highest. Here it is all a matter of susceptibility to illness.

How does the disease manifest in men?

Few people know that in the early stages of the disease is completely without symptoms. Fatigue and constant feeling unwell are considered by many to be overworked.

That is why many patients turn to specialists only at a more advanced stage of the disease. Despite the fact that diabetes mellitus is included in the category of incurable diseases, the early development of a disease can prevent the further development of serious complications.

It is very important that a man pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • increased appetite;
  • a feeling of thirst and hunger;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • frequent urination;
  • weakness;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • feeling unwell;
  • frequent fluctuations in weight;
  • pruritus
The most pronounced symptoms of the disease in men in the genital area: there is no sexual desire, erection decreases, premature ejaculation occurs, and the amount of seminal fluid decreases.

Symptoms of diabetes

First type

This ailment is a pathology of an autoimmune nature, due to which the human pancreas completely stops synthesizing its own hormone. This is primarily characteristic of young people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five.

In the case of an insulin-dependent form of the disease, the patient is required to constantly inject insulin. Moreover, with sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels, a man has the risk of falling into a hypoglycemic coma, which often ends in death.

Symptoms of insulin-dependent diabetes are:

  • strong and not passing thirst;
  • frequent urination;
  • reduction of protective functions of the body;
  • itching in the genital area;
  • sudden weight loss;
  • asthenopia and asthenia;
  • drowsiness and weakness of the body;
  • cuts and wounds heal very slowly.

As a rule, at the initial stage of diabetes of this type, an increased appetite may occur. However, after a few months, a man may completely refuse to take mandatory meals, which is already a rather alarming signal. External signs of the presence of the disease are dry skin and sweating.

Often there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth, nausea, and emetic urge.

A man's libido decreases, and serious problems begin with potency and subsequent ejaculation.

Men at a young age who develop type 1 diabetes mellitus up to the age of thirty become lifelong dependent on insulin injections.

Second type

This article describes the main causes of diabetes in men, which will help to understand where this disease may come from. But as for the second type of the disease, it may not manifest itself for a long time. Diagnosis often occurs at an advanced stage during a routine examination by a specialist.

As a rule, this ailment is distinguished by absolute insensitivity of tissues to its own insulin. Diabetes mellitus develops gradually, over time, glucose tolerance diminishes. This type of disease most often affects men after forty years.

The main symptoms of the second type of illness include the following:

  • thirst;
  • dryness in the mouth;
  • constant feeling of hunger;
  • increased fatigue;
  • frequent urination;
  • prolonged healing of cuts and wounds;
  • reduced visual function;
  • bleeding gums;
  • alopecia.

The characteristic external signs of the disease can be called peeling of the skin, severe itching in the groin and thighs, as well as the appearance of fungus and ulcers. If the disease progresses, so-called trophic ulcers on the feet may form. There is still numbness in the toes while walking. In some cases, diabetes mellitus is accompanied by unbearable headaches and abrupt jumps in blood pressure levels.

For more accurate diagnosis of the disease, the doctor will refer the patient to a blood test for sugar and glycated hemoglobin. Also, it would not be superfluous to have a glucose tolerance test.

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As can be understood from this article, the causes of diabetes in men are large. In order to completely exclude yourself from the risk group, you must seriously take care of your own health. Proper and balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle, sports, the absence of stressful and stressful situations, as well as the complete elimination of alcoholic beverages can reduce the likelihood of diabetes in every man. We should not forget about regular visits to the specialist's office in order to check the level of glucose in the blood before the onset of alarming symptoms and the consequences of the disease.

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